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Latest Nexus Device by Google

I've been busy in these few days, so I didn't have time to upload my blog since my last post (What's FUP). Anyway, yesterday (or last night in Indonesia), Google has made an interesting announcement in their I/O 2012 event (much like to Apple's WWDC, but this time they talk Android). Almost as exciting as WWDC, Google's annual event also uncovered 2 new gadgets to the world by the search engine giant. What are they? Find out after the break.

What's FUP?

Okay, after the review of an Indonesian internet modem product, I think I'm going to explain something that most customers don't know when they're subscribing to an ISP or telco company. If you're in Indonesia, there are lots of companies that use FUPs aside from their unlimited data plan (some are limited, but also have FUP). What's FUP? Let's find out after the break! :D

Smartfren HR950B Review

If you guys happen to live in Indonesia, you ought to know a telcom provider Smartfren. It's actually a merge between two telco companies, Smart and Fren. Both of them were in CDMA platform. Smartfren is actually the first provider to have EV-DO Rev.B Phase 2 connection, which promises to bring high-speed internet experience up to 14.7 Mbps download, and 5.1 Mbps upload. I've managed to get one of their latest Wi-Fi router a week ago, and I guess it's indeed fast, rather than any GSM connections I've tried. I'm not going to hammer down the connection rate, though... since the Rev. B is only available in select province... for now. Okay, so is this router worth the price? Let's find out! :D

AoA Audio Extractor Guide

Today, I'm going to fulfill my promise about the guide for extracting audio out of your video using AoA Audio Extractor (see here for review). Different to other guides I've made, I'll also put some actual shots of the window, to make things easier. Besides, I've been an 'unemployed' guy for these two months. It'll be nice to do something to kill the time :p

According to AoA's website, this software supports the following video formats: AVI, MPEG, MPG, FLV (Flash Video), DAT, WMV, MOV, MP4, 3GP and can extract the audio into either MP3, WAV, or AC3 audio files.
So, how do you use this program? Find out after the break!

Problem with Authorizing App in Safari

I think I'll have to apologize for breaking the promise about the guide for using AoA Audio Extractor. Yesterday, my friend came in and asked me to set up his new DOS laptop (installing Windows, setting up his Wi-Fi router, etc.). It had been planned before, and I thought I could complete the guide before he came in... but I was wrong. Don't worry, the guide is almost done, just have to make a few adjustments here and there ;). To make up for that mistake, I guess I'll post something which I've just found out a few minutes ago. Not everyone may find this post useful, but I'll just post it. Maybe someday some of you can find it useful.

Have you ever come across a Facebook App pop-up which asks for your authorization? Maybe a Facebook game, quiz, or something like that. Usually, the pop-up is *within* the same tab. But I've just found out today that some apps may also use a new pop-up window. This is, of course, troublesome for almost everyone, since almost every…

Extracting Audio from Video

Today, I'm going to post something which might help you all who tends to look for mp3 files and music. Have you guys ever felt kind of pissed... or annoyed when you can find the music video but not the mp3 to listen to from your iPods? If you have, then I guess we have something in common.

You see, the other day, my little sister asked me to download a classical piano song for her practice. Well, I immediately hit Google and searched for the song by bluntly typing the long title. And then, yeah... not many people actually recorded their playing, but there are lots of talented pianists who gave learners/newbies video lessons. Most of their videos were uploaded to YouTube, so that students can see which fingers are used for which tuts and see how the song is actually played, rather than focusing on songbook and a metronome alone.
So, I downloaded the video straight away... and you should know what I did next. The title should speak for itself, huh? Hehehehe. You can find out after t…

Microsoft Surface, Could This be It?

Yesterday, Microsoft made a move that could mark its comeback in the Techno market. Yes, they've finally joined in the tablet parade, which is currently flooded with Android tablets and iPads. The software giant unveiled the "Microsoft Surface", which might be the real deal "Tablet PC" with a PC-capable computing power. The design seems pretty attractive to me, with its kickstand and built-in thin keyboard. Oh, and they also come with optional pen input powered with digital ink. I've seen e-ink technology in Amazon's Kindle reader and it's amazing! It's as if you were looking at a real physical ink, and it won't itch your eyes, too.

Okay, design aside... but is this newcomer worth our while? Let's find out after the break :D

Good Low-End Phone

Okay, so I know that everyone craves for a good smartphone; the best jewel they can find in the market, like the HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S3, Apple iPhone4S, etc. However, I know that some people will stop seeing these devices as attractive pieces of technology once they've seen the price tag.

Everyone must be looking for an attractive, strong, and has features worth the price. There, you have a solution from Nokia. This device isn't a smartphone, so don't compare it with those cheap Android devices scattering around the shelves. They may be smartphones, but with that kind of specs, they won't last long...

Don't get me wrong, I like Android, but cheap Android with slow processors and low memory, just isn't the right thing for me.

New Retina Macbook Pro

Okay, so yesterday, Apple finally carried out the most-anticipated WWDC Keynote, which talks about the future of iOS, OSX, and of course, their Mac hardware. Although many were disappointed due to the minor Mac Pro update, many were also satisfied by the upgrade of Apple's portable lineup, the Air and Pro. Also, Apple introduced the fruition of the so-called Retina-resolution Macs. See the banner? That's the one. Although it's stunningly beautiful, that thing ain't come cheap... See the specs after the break and you'll find out :D

Why Choose Paid Apps?

As a typical Android user, I'm certain that you guys have downloaded a 'free' version of an app. Say, the Angry Birds which is free, not the paid version. Have you ever noticed a banner suddenly showing up on your screen and sometimes interferes your aiming?

Or just look at the screenshot to the left. Although it's in iOS, it's just the same. The point is, some of today's app developers uses third-party advertising companies to monetize their app so that their apps can get their 'free' status.

Okay, so all of us like something which is 'free', no? Especially when it comes to discounts or promotions. Who doesn't want to get iTunes' free App of The Week? I'm sure that most of you will check and download it each week. Unfortunately, beside promotions, I don't think that most half-free apps are worth it. I'd rather buy an app (or somehow find a way to get it) to get the ad-stained version. Why? Find out the reasons after the bre…

Possible Upcoming MacBook Pro Specs (Leak)

This upcoming WWDC event just keeps my heart racing like crazy. Yeah, okay, that's kind of exaggerated but you can't blame one man for getting excited to looking forward for his upcoming gadget's launch, right?

And this morning, when I checked through numerous Apple-fan websites, I've found this. It belongs exclusively to so far; I haven't seen it on the other websites... yet.

Chaotic Launch Price

Okay, so just as what I've said in my previous post, Samsung's latest flagship Android is getting a premium price here in Indonesia. It's probably the only phone whose price is almost equal to Apple's phenomenal iPhone... except the spec and feature is kind of one move ahead.

With such an initial pricing as much as the Galaxy Note, I think it's kind of unattractive for normal people. But something's strange with the launch price. The next day after its launch in the Grand City mall, my friend found a store which sells it at a lower price. How much was it? Let's find out.

Galaxy SIII, Should I Take It? Or Go with Something Else?

Well, the wait is finally over. Samsung finally releases the most anticipated beast of the year: the Samsung Galaxy SIII. This phone, has a pack of key features, as well as innovations (I'd take the word 'innovation' as addition of new features never before seen in other SERIES, not BRAND). What are the key specs? Find out after the break.