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SSD: Steroids for PCs

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Have you ever heard of SSDs? If not, that’s fine. Actually, SSDs are like HDDs or most commonly known as harddisks, or storage. Except, there’s one obvious difference: HDDs spin while SSDs don’t. The term “SSD” is an acronym for “Solid State Disk”. The word “solid” is taken from the fact that they don’t spin. In fact, they look exactly like memory chips (or RAM, according to some people). A HDD’s speed is determined by how many spins it can make per minute. For example, the standard modern HDD is rated at 5400rpm while the speedier ones can score 7200rpm. HDD seeks data by reading “blocks” which are embedded on the spinning part. Ever saw a gramophone? Yes, that’s exactly how HDDs get your data, which is why spinning speed matters. The faster the disk spins, the faster it fetches your data. On the other hand, SSDs don’t spin. Your data is stored on the chips and is available for access at any time. However, unlike RAM, which c…