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iPod Nano, Getting Back to Old Design

The last iPod line to be updated is the Nano line. The last time I saw the design of the Nano (4th or 5th Gen, I presume), I was fascinated at how thin and rectangular the design was. It was... sophisticated, cutting edge. But all went down when Apple released the ultra small iPod Nano. I know the word 'Nano' means small, but 6th Gen iPod Nano was too small for me. Good thing Apple returned to good old rectangular design, though :p. Hit to break to find out what it's capable of ;)

iPod Shuffle, More Colors

So much disappointment for the entry-level iPod Shuffle. There doesn't seem to be any changes made, except for the colors. Now the colors are brighter, and fresher to the eyes: Ocean blue, Mint Green, Lime Green, Purple, Bright Red, Silver, and Black. I don't know about color names... If you're confused, the header image is your friend :p

No other significant changes are made, though. Still the same $49 price tag, same 2GB storage, and same earbuds. Nope, you're not getting those brand new 'EarPods'. Doesn't seem to be a great day for Shuffle fans... unless you're a collector ;)

If you're rocking an old shuffle, would you cash out your banknote and get a new color? I used to want to buy a Shuffle... but Nano's latest update changes my mind (although I like the pitch-black color). If you want to get an affordable iPod, or just don't know what to give for your friend's birthday, you really should get this one.

That's for the Shuffle, …

iPod Touch, Best Upgrade of The Year

Yesterday's Apple Media Event proved something for Apple. It's that it can launch more than a few products altogether... and they're all a pretty nice and acceptable updates (most of them, at least...). Well, in my opinion, the 'Best Upgrade' award would be rewarded to the iPod Touch. Why? It's more than just colors, I told you. Find out what's upgraded after the break ;)

The iPhone5, Now with A6 and 4" Screen

Today, marks the birth of a new, next-gen iPhone. I'm not that much into Apple's mobile ecosystem (especially iPhone), although it's always fascinating to observe the competition. Yes, I use some of their mobile products (like iPad) but some are just too expensive for me. Anyway, on the left, you'll see the press front shot of Apple's new handset.

From the front, there seems to be no changes at all... It only got a bit taller. Yep, the small Retina screen on the iPhone4(S) has been expanded to 4". I'm not bashing or anything... but IMHO, 4" is already 'too small'. Good thing that it's still thinner, though. Meaning that it can fit easily in your pocket :p

Apple Released iPhone5, Redesigned iPod Touch, iPod Nano, and More Colors for the Shuffle!

It's been a week since I posted my last post (right, 7 days... not more, not less) and I was so darn busy at the moment, with all those programming C++ stuffs, with studios, CSS-styling (they're kind of confusing), HTML editing with Dreamweaver magic, etc. but today I'm going to make up for it, though. I've got things to post right now, and I'm going to post it separately.

Yeah, Apple has released the new iPhone, iPod Nano, iPod Touch, and iPod Shuffle. The last isn't quite new since there are only more colors... I'm going to post it separately, so you don't have to scroll. Once the posts are done, I'm going to put them up here, for easy access :)

Please take a moment. Since I'm in Indonesia, I'll have to do a research. Those babies most likely won't make it here until next year thanks to the Bureaucracy....

Update: iPhone5 Coverage Updated. Hit the Image for More Info :D
Update2: iPod Touch, iPod Nano, and iPod Shuffle Added.

How to Claim Mountain Lion App Code

Okay, I know it's been 2 months since Apple decided to give away Mountain Lion to recent Macs, which somehow surprised me, since no one has ever, really, given away their latest OS, for free (it has $19.99 value. Don't be disappointed if you're pretty greedy like me; wanting something as expensive as possible to be free ;) :p)

So, although Apple is a company which now is getting worse in the public's eye (due to its relentless fight against Samsung in court), there's at least one catch: it indeed fulfills its promise, and not in a difficult way, too.

Yesterday, I thought I might claim my copy of Mountain Lion, and I did... pretty easily. I'll teach you guys how to claim it today. Here goes:

Return to the Photoshop

Well, it's been a very long time since I last used Photoshop for doing my hobbies (creating sigs, renders, or individual posters :p), and I think my skills have rotted in some aspects.

Although I've got a Mac (which they say are designed for designers), I still don't think it will suit me if I'm not familiar with the interface. Fortunately, Adobe has done quite well in keeping the Mac interface similar (and perhaps the exact same interface) to Windows. Don't blame me, due to economic and financial reason, I've been a loyal Windows user for more than a decade =A= and I think I love it; I won't fully leave to the Mac side. Call me a drag or anything, but I've been a happy user in a multi-platform world (yes, I have a Mac, a Dell, a Samsung, an iPad, and a BlackBerry, and my family uses Nokia phones) so I'm not one with those so-called 'fanboys'.

Anyway, I'm here to present one of my work. The original picture is, of course, credited to th…