Logitech mk240 Mouse Combo Review

What do you do when you have a Windows tablet that doesn't include a keyboard dock? No, you neither throw it into the trash can or merely play games with it. You'll buy a set of wireless mouse and keyboard and of course, a USB OTG cable and put them together. That way, you'll have yourself a complete 'hybrid' notebook, albeit cheap.

Now, I'm pretty certain that you're thinking that there's no such set that has the right size for your tablet. It'd make you look very ridiculous, and you'll be ashamed to bring it with you, even to your favorite café. Fortunately, I have a solution that I recently found. The Logitech mk240 Keyboard + Mouse Combo. It's not the best solution, but at least it can save you some cash and a little bit of embarrassment.
Logitech mk240 Mouse Combo Official Shot (White)
With the width almost equal to a widescreen 10" tablet, this might be the closest-to-perfection keyboard to pair with your lonely Windows tablet. It's quite thick, but quite easy to carry, considering you have an extra slot in your backpack. Besides, it also includes a mouse in case you have a hard time navigating through menus. One thing that it can't help, though, is make your tablet stand. Luckily, my Acer Iconia W510 includes a leather case that can function as a stand, so problem's solved. Additionally, the price is also very affordable. Well, it does sound like a tempting package, but is it worth to be your tablet's partner? Let's find out after the break.

What's In The Box
The retail box
If you're a regular Logitech customer, I'm sure you're very familiar with their box design. With the green-white background and the product featured in the front, it's very hard to miss. But hey, we're not talking about the package's design, it's not our job to worry about it. Our business is to see what's inside.

The package, while being quite generous, isn't impressive, either. You'll have the keyboard and the mouse, the USB dongle that allows wireless connection with the host, and two pairs of AAA batteries which you'll need to make both peripherals work. Lastly, the usual paperwork like a single-sheet quickstart guide and a safety information booklet.

The complete package
The Design
The keyboard with a fresh splash of colour
When it comes to keyboards, I assume that we immediately think of a monochrome, boxy object with a boring design. Although that's partly true, I must say that this compact keyboard wants to take a different design approach. No, it's not as extreme as gaming keyboards, with LEDs that could change colors and all those fancy additions. The difference in approach this time, I must say, fresh. For the comfort of use, I don't think I need to describe this one. If you've used Logitech keyboards before (and I'm sure you all have…), it's the same comfy feeling. In case you don't know, the keys are quite big (even though I have big hands), which results in less typos all the time. Additionally, the keys are springy and tactile, even for the term 'compact keyboard'. Logitech managed to keep up with its trademark keyboard quality. However, being compact, the space between keys has been narrowed, so it will take some time getting used to.

Oh yes, one more thing. As you can see, this keyboard doesn't have Numpad. If Numpad is a must for you, then this keyboard isn't for you. This keyboard aims to be compact, and if compact means slashing out the Numpad, I'm fine with it. Additionally, this keyboard requires two AAA batteries to operate (already included in the package).

The two batteries powering the keyboard
As for the mouse, the keys are clicky, but more on the hard side, and that's that. There's no extra feature embedded other than scrolling wheel. As I said, I'm a man with big hands and unfortunately, the mouse is too small for my liking. However, that doesn’t mean it's bad. It's just… too small for me. I'm still using it, though.

The cute little mouse
The mouse is also powered by
a pair of AAA batteries (included)

One thing that you should note, is the small USB receiver that you need to connect with the peripherals. As you may already know, the receiver is unique to a set of these items. Meaning that if you lose it, there's no replacement and you will have to buy a new set. Fortunately, Logitech is kind enough to make the receiver big and noticeable. It's not the prettiest of the bunch, but if you ask me, I'd rather have a big, bulky receiver than a small and tiny one, if it means that I have to spend another 20$ if I lose it.

The USB Receiver. You better not lose it!
Overall, the design is solid, well-made and fresh, unlike your usual black-or/and-white keyboard and mouse on your desktop. Anyway, the set is available in black and white. I chose white because I like the splash of blue on top-left side of the keyboard. You might have a different taste, though.

Everyday Usage
As a compact keyboard, moreover Logitech, we expect robustness, and of course, comfort of use. Fortunately, such expectations are delivered by this affordable product. Just like what I've written in the previous section, the keyboard is very pleasant to use. You just have to spend some time getting used to it, especially with the narrow spacing between keys. That's the one which annoys me the most.

The keyboard has that little stand which you can use to make the keyboard stand at 8 degrees angle for a more comfortable typing. 
Make it stand for a more comfortable typing
As for my everyday usage, I plug it into my Acer Iconia W510 using an OTG cable. It's your usual plug-and-play, meaning that no driver needs to be installed. Just plug it in, and you're ready to go. Does it drain battery? I'm sure it is, but just like other USB peripherals, the drain is hardly noticeable. There are also a set of function keys to launch specific Windows app such as Calculator and Search. Some less-important-but-useful keys are also there, such as Print Screen and Volume Up/Down/Mute.

Battery life? Nope, it's none of your concern, and shouldn't be. Logitech claims that the batteries are enough to power each peripheral for 2 months with regular use. I've been using it for almost a year and I haven't replaced them yet. Additionally, you can find AAA batteries in almost every supermarket or store so no problem, right?

A 20$ alternative to a much-more-expensive $120 docking station
Oh, and did I mention that it's also compatible with Androids? Yeah, that's a new discovery since I just tried it this morning. The method's the same, plug the receiver into an OTG-compatible device and it'll detect automatically. It may sound and look ridiculous using it with a phone, but hey, it doesn't look so bad if you're using it with a tablet, right?

It may look ridiculous, but think of the possibilities!
When you move your mouse, you'll see a cursor on your Android device. You can click on an app to launch it but the scroll somehow doesn't work (I use it on OneNote app). Some Windows-specific functions like the Windows key either doesn't work, or reverts to another function (for example, Windows key opens a search window), which isn't surprising, considering that this is designed for Windows devices. However, for typing-only purposes, this will do.

A cursor!? On a 5.5" display!?

Well, I don't really have anything to write, since frankly I don't know what else I can do with a mouse + keyboard combo other than typing and navigation. My conclusion is simple: If you want a compact and comfy keyboard as a companion for your mobile tablet, get this. That is, if you don't mind the bulky size and the need for USB connector. Otherwise, you should look for Bluetooth-enabled alternatives. They may be expensive, but they come with Bluetooth, so they're truly wireless.

  • Robust and comfortable for typing
  • Complete package (batteries included)
  • Affordable
  • Android support (although not fully)
  • Function keys
  • Young and fresh design
  • Some may find either too bulky or compact
  • Additional port needed to connect (USB)
  • Layout needs some time to get used to

So, there you have it, Folks. Logitech mk240 Wireless Keyboard + Mouse Combo. I hope you find this review useful, even though it's significantly short. If you have any questions regarding the product, you're welcome to ask in the Comments section below. Similarly, if you have suggestions or critics, feel free the sound them off in the Comments. Finally, thanks for coming, and have a nice day :)


  1. hi, great review. do you know if the keys illuminate when it's dark in the room?

    1. Hi, thanks for coming by.
      Nope, it's not backlit, so it doesn't glow in dark areas.

  2. Battery life claimed on the box is 24 months for keyboard and 12 for mouse.

  3. Battery life claimed on the box is 24 months for keyboard and 12 for mouse.

  4. I was wondering if this indeed has Android support. The Lazada sellers of this keyboard have said that it does not have. I just want to clarify. If it helps, I'm going to use it with a Huawei Mate 10.

    1. Hi, sorry for the long reply.

      I think it will support, as long as your phone support OTG. If the old Zenfone 2 supports it, why don't newer phones support as well?

  5. this is a good keyboard combo, I have it too but unfortunately the mouse is too hard to click.

    The buttons are so soft and not so click like others


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