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Merry Christmas from Terra Novae Blog!

Hi, Guys! In this end-of-the-year moment, we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas to those who celebrate the holiday. We hope that the peaceful message Christmas offers will not only affect us and other people around us, but also the world. Finally, we wish you a very exciting and delightful holiday, and let's welcome the year 2017 with new wishes, excitement, and optimism. On the other hand, stay tuned. More articles are coming!

USB 3 Port Connecting and Disconnecting? Here's The Solution!

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Who doesn't know USB 3? For those of you who don't know, USB 3 is the latest iteration of the USB port you usually use to connect various hardware (external harddisk, thumb drives, phones, etc.) to your computer. There's also USB-C, which is smaller and reversible. However, our focus here is on the normal-sized USB port. Anyway, USB 3 carries a few significant improvements, a few of which are its blue color and much faster speed (up to 5Gbps). Additionally, there's also a new feature: selective suspend. If it's implemented correctly, your computer can automatically suspend inactive USB 3 devices to save power.

Unfortunately, the implementation for this eco-friendly feature is not always spot-on. For example, sometimes my external hard drive experienced connecting and disconnecting in a matter of minutes. I first thought that the cable was funny, but after trying out another hard drive with a differ…

How to Disable Gatekeeper on macOS Sierra

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I've been using Mac for quite a long while, and I must say that I like it, despite the direction the UNIX-based platform is going and the insane price a certain manufacturer is asking for their laptops. In fact, I'm planning to keep my 2012 MacBook Pro until its death, at which point I may or may not have enough money to afford another one. Anyway, today's not about my Mac, today's all about OSX's (now macOS) security feature, Gatekeeper.

If you're a frequent Mac user like me, I'm pretty sure you know about this feature already. Yes, Gatekeeper is Apple's solution to make its OS secure. Its purpose is to stop malware from ever entering your Mac, usually by installing malicious apps from unknown sources. Though it sounds good, I found out that the security is kind of... annoying, especially on Sierra, the Mac's latest iteration, especially if you like to install various apps from o…

Opinion: Mid-Rangers or Ex-Flagships?

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Another month, another opinion-based article. In this opportunity, I want to talk about whether you should buy ex-flagships (aka the former kings) or the new mid-rangers when you have limited budget. Honestly, it's not easy to choose one unless you really know what you really want and what you're going to buy. Normally, sellers will offer you newer goods, but old stuffs don't always mean outdated and obsolete, right?
I'm going to divide this article to 2 sections: Ex-Flagships and Mid-Rangers. In each side I will point out its related pros and cons. Hopefully, you will find them clear enough. So go on, head past the break to read them all! :D