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Transcend TS-HUB3 USB 3.0 Hub Review

Honestly, I've never thought that I would ever need a USB hub. In case you don't know what a USB Hub is, it's an accessory that allows you to 'multiply' one of your USB ports to more than one (usually 4 ports). Anyway, I thought that way because my old Dell Inspiron has 4 USB ports. That's more than enough for me. In fact, I was surprised that there are only a handful of laptops that actually have 4 USB ports, regardless which version of USB it has. Now, I have two additional computers: a MacBook Pro and an Acer Iconia W510 tablet. Both of them have limited USB ports; in fact, I have to use an OTG cable for the latter. That fact forces me to finally turn to USB Hub.

Yesterday, on Christmas day, I came across this little product. It's pretty rare to see a hub that uses USB 3.0 ports, so I decided to take a look. It was a little bit pricey, but I thought it was going to be worth it in the coming years. USB 3.0 devices may still be limited in number, but it w…

Blue Christmas

Alright, it's that time of the year again: Christmas and Happy New Year. Funny that our world should've ended last year. No offense intended, though...

I got quite many presents this year. I don't think I've been a good kid this year, but I'm really grateful for the presents. In fact, I'm so grateful that I'm willing to post a review on one of them. It's between expensive and inexpensive, but it's really useful nonetheless. So, why pick the term 'Blue Christmas'?

It's quite simple really. The main reason is that the country where I reside, Indonesia, is a tropical country. It has no snow, so there's no way I can say 'Merry White Christmas', ever. In fact, it's rainy season in this time of year. Water is usually linked with the color blue, if not transparent. The term 'Transparent Christmas' sounds a little bit off... so I'll go with the Blue.

Additionally, it's not just Christmas. It's also the end of…

My Opinion of Service Learning

First of all, I don't know if the title is appropriate enough, since the assignment module here tells me to write about what I think of my Service Learning group. Anyway, before we move on to the content, I'll explain what Service Learning is first. Service Learning is actually a form of community service, where we, participants of Interpersonal Communication lecture, go out and teach lower-to-middle-class schools about IT (Information Technology). Each class goes to a different school, and each is class is divided into several groups. Finally, each group is given different materials and classes to teach. In my case, my group was told to teach a class of ninth graders about networking. And I think we made it through.

Enough with the introduction. Hit the break to see what I think about my group's service learning.