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XiaoMi 16,000mAh Power Bank Review: Monstrous Lifesaver

With the increasing number of non-removable batteries in flagships (even Samsung has moved away from its trademark Galaxy trend, which is SD Card and removable battery), the option to buy a spare battery is no longer a viable option. However, since we have to move forward with technology, we have no choice but to accept and adapt ourselves to these changes. What should we do, then? Simple, get power packs (or power banks, say a few people).
I've just got myself this little guy. Manufactured by the increasingly popular Chinese brand Xiaomi, this huge-but-compact power pack houses a total of 16,000mAh worth of juice (although Xiaomi also offers smaller 5,000 and 10,400 choices as well) to extend your gadget's life. It's quite affordable, it's compact, it's heavy, and it looks quite sexy. So, should you buy this thing? Let's find out, shall we?

Smartfren M2Y 4G Mi-Fi: A Pebble That Connects To The World

(Update: Due to comments of one of our readers +Detrio Detrio, I've updated the conclusion in this review. Be extra careful when using this device, as any cosmetic damage will void the warranty.)

In this modern day and age, Internet has been moved from tertiary necessity to secondary (or even primary for certain people in certain countries). Internet connection is no longer tied to messy, limited cable, for wireless is the current way to go. Unfortunately, even so, not all areas in our life is covered by wireless networks. Although this limitation has been slightly overcome with cellular data connection, some devices still don't support SIM cards such as laptops and Wi-Fi only tablets. Wi-Fi tethering would certainly kill our phone's battery, so what's the solution? That's right, Mi-Fi. Mini Wi-Fi router which supports SIM cards and cellular data connection on the go.
One example of Mi-Fi is the ZTE MF90 I've reviewed quite some time ago. Recently, a new model ha…