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Typing Hero Review - Do You Remember Autotext?

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I have a question. Have you guys ever used BlackBerry before? Yes, that archaic (now extinct) business-oriented mobile device. Anyway, in BlackBerry, they used to have this neat feature called Autotext. It basically replaced certain phrases to anything you want. So, for example, you want to replace omw to on my way. Just type 'omw' and it will automatically replace the former with the latter. We used to use this for those complex emojis comprised of multiple characters. It was a thing, back then.

Fast forward to 2019, mobile OSes have become much smarter, much more modern, and much more feature-rich. But, I haven't seen similar features like Blackberry's Autotext. A few while ago, however, a friend told me about his app, which provides the same functionality as the said feature.

Enter Typing Hero. With the motto of type less, write more, let's see how it lives up to its motto, shall we?
Simple and…