Good Low-End Phone

This, might be the best value-phone in the current market
Okay, so I know that everyone craves for a good smartphone; the best jewel they can find in the market, like the HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S3, Apple iPhone4S, etc. However, I know that some people will stop seeing these devices as attractive pieces of technology once they've seen the price tag.

Everyone must be looking for an attractive, strong, and has features worth the price. There, you have a solution from Nokia. This device isn't a smartphone, so don't compare it with those cheap Android devices scattering around the shelves. They may be smartphones, but with that kind of specs, they won't last long...

Don't get me wrong, I like Android, but cheap Android with slow processors and low memory, just isn't the right thing for me.

Alright, so the device here is the Nokia X2-00. It's been sold for around 2 years now, and I think I've been using one for a year. It costs Rp900,000.00 here, and of course it's aimed for the low-end segment, although it's not cheap.

The phone has a fairly good screen and a quite classy design. The keypad is alphanumeric, and it's kind of hard; the user apparently will need to adapt typing on this phone for some time, before getting comfortable. The battery cover is made of stainless aluminum and the body is made of sturdy plastic. I've dropped it several times, and it still runs, flawlessly. Man, that's what I love from Nokia's phones. They're virtually indestructible! Although some aren't that indestructible...

Anyway, we have three buttons on the right side of the handset. It's a common thing for music phones: Play/Pause, Next, and Previous buttons. The play/pause can also be used for a shortcut to play the FM Radio. Oh, in case I forget to mention it, this phone has an internal FM radio antenna, so you don't need to plug in your headset. The speakers are nice... and stereo. I've played music at high volume, and the sound doesn't break. It truly lives up to its name as a multimedia/music phone.

On the left side, we have the volume rocker buttons, Micro SD slot (yes, it's a hotswap), and the camera shutter. Don't be surprised, but this baby is rocking a 5MP camera sensor. The picture quality on the phone screen isn't that impressive, but it's quite amazing after you've exported that to your PC. Oh, and don't forget that it also has a bright LED flash, which can be used as a flashlight without a third-party app.

As it's actually a low-end phone, the X2's connection is limited to EDGE only, and no Wi-Fi, of course. No OS, certainly, but don't worry, Nokia has prepared the Ovi Store in case you're itching to download some apps. The rest is standard, I think: Mp3 player, MicroUSB, Bluetooth, SMS, MMS, FlashLite, Voice Memo, T9 Predictive Input, etc.

Overall, if there's the perfect device for a perfect price, I think this is it. Maybe no one wants to go all-out in this segment due to the low profit margin... and if that's the case, I think this phone will triumph for a looong time. What's your favorite low-end device?


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