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Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Camera Uncovered

I haven't got all day to stay awake until 00:00 AM last night to watch either the live blog or the news... so what do I do? I just wake up in the morning and instantly open every Android blogs that I know :)

So, yesterday Samsung finally revealed the next-gen Galaxy Note II; oh wait, we also have the phone camera on the radar. So, yesterday, there are two things on board: Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Camera. So, what are they? Hit the break to find more ;)

Just Hours Until Samsung Unpacked Event!

So many things happen in this week. We have numerous part leaks of iPhone5 (which is claimed to be released on September 21st), iPad Mini, iPod Touch and iPod Nano redesign, Samsung's lost against Apple in U.S. Court (God, that really gave Samsung a huge hit; 1 billion USD, what could I do with that much money?) and finally, this.

Despite its loss in U.S. Court, Samsung seems to still stay to its timeline, by rumored to be announcing their newest phablet flagship, Galaxy Note 2 earlier in annual IFA event in Berlin. The flagship is rumored to have a slightly bigger sAMOLED screen (5.5" compared to current 5.3"), a powerful 1.4GHz Quad-Core processor and 2GB RAM. That's enough for me to make up my mind to grab this one, and pass down my OG i9000 to my sister, which is craving for Android over her BlackBerry, thanks to Instagram.

Oh, I almost forgot: the Unpacked Event will start on August 29th, at 19:00 CEST time (I assume that's Berlin's TimeZone), and if yo…

Able2Doc 6.0 Limited Giveaway [Advertorial]

UPDATE: In less than 24 hours, I got my license in my Twitter's message inbox. It's real, People! ;)

Well, well, something is up in the morning when I smell the coffee. Yesterday, when checking on my Facebook timeline, I somehow managed to find this special giveaway.

No, this is not a competition where selected participant(s) wins. According to the rules, if you have an active Twitter account, you'll do just fine.
To summarize, here's how you do it: Follow the Twitter account @able2extractRetweet the following text, or find it from their stream (I'd rather copy and paste it into my tweet box :p)
Start the year off on the right foot & the right tools! RT & Follow to get #Able2Doc PDF Converter FREE!  @able2extract Wait for a direct message from the account for your license (they say it can take from 24-48 hours to come). The giveaway itself is valued at around $49.95 (Around Rp470,000.00) which is quite a nice amount if you're a saver l…

Magic Mouse Review

Okay, so I know that this mouse has seen the light of the world for almost three years now (it's introduced in late October, 2009), but I've just got my brand new Mac, and I thought I might give this baby a try. Besides, I'm still struggling on how to refine my written English skills :p

It's not cheap... not cheap at all, especially considering the price after you convert them to Rupiah. So, is this baby worth your hard-earned cash? Let's find out after the break :D

Cult of Mac Giveaway [Advertorial]

I know that I'm posting something promotional here, so you've been warned right from the title. If you're interested in these two giveaways:

Retina MacBook Pro ($2,200 value)iApple Book Giveaway ($500 value) Why don't you press on 'Read More' to see how to win? Can't blame one man for trying to reach something, can you? ;)

Extend Your Volume [Tutorial]

Okay, so I've been busy with my lectures; that's why I can't do anything about this blog. Besides, I'm already a university student... and as a freshman, there are lots of things to do... after I got my first Mac.

Well, today I've just found out something interesting; something that might save you minutes, hours, or even days from formatting your slow PC thanks to the shortage of C:\ volume space. It's proven... I've just done this trick, and I don't think I need to format this old PC.

In case you don't know... we're going to extend the volume of your C:\. This trick doesn't do magic by miraculously adding extra bytes into your internal storage. This is only applicable only if you have an unused partition. For example, the legacy from your deleted second OS. I'm making this guide based on Windows 7. There might be some similarities with Windows Vista, I don't know...

See the guide after the break :D

Buy from BB AppWorld with XL Axiata Credit

Okay, some of you may have already know this... but a few telco operators in Indonesia have actually made a contract with RIM regarding to BlackBerry App World. Yes, if you're using XL Axiata and Indosat, then you can purchase apps directly from BlackBerry AppWorld using your credit balance instead of credit card or PayPal. This is great for us Indonesians (at least for me), since I'm still afraid to give up a credit card's information. For example, I bought my Steam games by borrowing my aunt's credit card. She lives in United States, so she's familiar with online shopping. Call me a conservative guy, but credit cards are easy to hack. Once it's hacked, your bill will skyrocket, and that's what I'm afraid of the most.