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BlackBerry External Charger Review

Ah, it's been a while since I wrote my last review in this blog. Well, that's because I don't have anything new to review, and the time to write it. College life has made me crazy...

Anyway, I'm back to the review world with this accessory made especially for BlackBerry. I know that in less than 10 hours, this thing will be obsolete thanks to the new BB10 but heck, upgrading isn't everyone's cup of tea. I'm planning to keep my good 9930 until BB10 is proven solid, and has a QWERTY keyboard. BlackBerry isn't BlackBerry without the best QWERTY keyboard in the market.

And so, I think God also supports my plan for not upgrading :p. A few days ago, I found this little thing on my father's desk. It was... fortunate, very, since I was looking for a way to charge my spare battery on the go. I asked him if I could have it, and he said yes, which gives me that childish smile in my face :p. What's unfortunate was that it's missing the Y-Cable, which s…

Power Bank or Spare Battery?

No doubt, we've already entered an era where having a smartphone is mandatory (for most parts of the world) or at least having a feature phone for communications on the go. Smartphone technology has also been evolving in the last decade, and now those little things we carry in our pocket everyday almost have processing power equal to a PC (Octa-Core is rumored).

Unfortunately, the development of the technology isn't accompanied by the development of power-saving tech. In the past, phones will need to be charged at least once in two or three days, but now, you're lucky if you can squeeze your juice for a full day (especially for Android and BlackBerry phones in Indonesia). Such fact will mandate us to carry a portable charger (featured in the picture) or a spare battery with us, especially those whose job forces them to be mostly on the streets or places with shortage of power jack (I think University Student is one of them...)

So, just like the previous post, I'll giv…

Digitalizing Your Assets. Is It That Important?

In this 21st Century, where technology has accelerated to its limits, or even past the limits, the humanity is offered a 'paperless' era; an era that is said to be eco-friendly by limiting paper usage to minimum. The synonym of this would be 'digitalization', where important papers and documents would be transformed into digital files that will ease the delivery and distribution of such. Sure, it cuts modern companies various delivery costs and paper purchase every year... but what about home assets that have existed decades ago... or even older? Do we need to digitalize it like other modern-day documents? I'm trying to offer you guys an insight about this, as I'm being told by my parents to digitalize such assets and store it somewhere that I still don't know...
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