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Phishing Email 101

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Something funny occurred to me yesterday. I received an email which said that I signed up for a free trial on Apple App Store. The email said that the trial subscription was free for a week, then it would charge me.

Of course, I was surprised. Why, because I rarely buy apps on my iPad. I thought someone hacked into my account, but again, I didn't register my credit card in my Apple ID.

But I took a deeper look, and find out that it was a...
Phishing Email Yup, that's it. Upon closer inspection into that surprising email, I concluded that my account was safe, and that email was nothing but a bluff. But hey, it looked so real.

Had I not taken a closer look, I would've already taken the bait, and whoever had had sent the email to me, he/she would've gotten my Apple ID for real.

So yes, that's an example of what is mostly known as phishing emails. Phishing emails are basically emails that trick you to…