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Well, remember about my last post which said that I was busy buying a domain? Well, I guess that's no longer happening since the corresponding website is now online, and ready to be visited!

Yep, is my class' WordPress-based blog which is a part of school assignment. Well, although it's formally an assignment, I'm somehow sure and certain that it will be active, and will turn out more than just an assignment. The author and editor team will sure fill the website with our exciting activities through this last year... and beyond.

Okay, since this website is just days old, it sure needs some improvements. Feel free to drop by and give us a visit. Leave us a comment about how we're holding up, and what we should do to improve our website!

Oh, here's the link in case you're wondering what to visit:

Well, I've just bought a domain yesterday (roughly it costed 19.95U$/year). Honestly, that was the first time I've ever bought a domain, and I'm pretty satisfied by it. The support teams are pretty cooperative (although sometimes rather slow in responding to my chat), and very helpful. Thanks to them, I could make a purchase.