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New iMac Refresh

Aside from the new iPads and the retina notebook, Apple also announced their new and refreshed iMac lineup. Again, although still retains the same all-in-one design, it's radically thinner than before. Apple claimed that it's 80% thinner than it's predecessor. It's about time they update this line... since it's one of Apple's 'affordable' computer.

Okay, it's thinner, so what? Hit the break to see what's new with this newly-redesigned AIO :D

13" Retina MacBook Pro Announced

This is all that we've been waiting for. When Apple first announced the refresh of MacBook Pro line as well as the new 15" Retina MacBook Pro, people were asking Apple for a smaller, more compact, retina display MacBook. Yesterday, Apple finally delivered it. Just as its older, bigger brother, it's incredibly thin... and it ain't cheap...

So, what does it offer on the table?

Retina Display Now, the 13.3" display serves the resolution of 2560 x 1600. That's already more than the 60" HDTV in your home (look at the comparison chart in the left).
The display in 15" retina looks brilliant, although doesn't do much when you use it for everyday tasks. Texts look sharper, and it's a breakthrough for design people, and for photography, I admit... but in my case, the 15" normal screen is already enough.
Besides, when used for surfing the web and opening apps, some users complain that it looks ugly, and scaled. Well, the world isn't ready yet…

iPad. Redubbed.

Yesterday, marks the discontinuation for the New iPad (Long-Live iPad2! :D), for it's been updated with minor-but-essential refresh, and redubbed to "iPad with Retina Display". God, in just 6 months, a device is already outdated. I think this is the shortest lifecycle ever been brought to a mobile device... and I can feel how pissed the previous generation owner are to hear this news. So, what are the updates? Let's find out.
Better Processor The iPad Mini now includes the updated Apple A6X chip, most likely an improvement from A6, the chip that powers the iPhone5. Apple claims that this chip has quad-core graphics processor, and its performance is as twice as the previous A5X that powers the "New iPad". Now this is what I called "minor-but-essential" upgrade that I wrote earlier. Those heavy games won't be so heavy now on this 4th-Gen iPad.

Lightning Connector The 4th Gen iPad is also equipped with the new Lightning Connector. Man, Apple is …

iPad Mini, Oversized iPod Touch?

Well, Apple has finally surrendered Steve Jobs' ideal for not selling 7" tablet, since he said that it was too small for tablets, and too big for smartphones. Yesterday, the not-so-secret iPad Mini for the first time has seen the light of the world. I don't know about you guys, but sounds and seems like an oversized iPod Touch to me...
It has a 7.9" IPS LCD screen with 1024x768 resolution, which will give it the pixel density of 163ppi.  The same resolution as the full-screen iPad allows it to run iPad apps in full compatibility, without having the developers to update their apps.
As for the shooter, the iPad Mini adopts the same shooter as its bigger brother: 5MP iSight Camera with tons of iOS6 features such as Panorama, 1080p recording, f/2.4 aperture, and 5-lens element. As for the FaceTime camera, it's been updated to take 1.2MP stills and record 720p videos. It's been renamed to FaceTime HD, though :p
Next, the insides. The iPad Mini is powered by Apple…

Tons of Apple Announcement

Today at 10 p.m. Pacific Time (12a.m. GMT +7), Apple finally gave us the final touch to finish 2012 (or isn't it?). They got a lot of things to announce, starting from the heavily-rumored iPad Mini, a refreshed next-gen 9.7" iPad, 13" Retina MacBook Pro, refreshed Mac Mini, and the new iMac. It seems like the invitation was... wrong? Hehehe

Stay tuned, for I'm going to deliver the announcement one by one :D

Which WinRAR Compression Do You Need? [GUIDE]

Okay, this is finally the time when I write a serious (and perhaps useful) post. The last time I wrote a post was about the first anniversary for Steve Jobs' passing. You can read it below this post. He was one of great people that mankind will miss.

Anyway, the post before the anniversary was already weeks ago. Thanks to the busy routines and tons of assignments in my lecture, I almost abandoned by beloved blog. Today, though... marks the day for my return.

Hit the break if you're interested about the meaning behind 'Store', 'Fast', 'Best', etc. :D

One Year after Steve Jobs Passed Away