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The Next Chapter in Second Voyage

The current chapter being worked on Project Apocalypse: The Second Voyage is the clash between the gods and their armies, with Prometheus and Helios. This chapter is going to be the one of three turning points for the gods and the humans to turn the table fighting against the mighty Titans.

iPad2 n iPhone4S Jailbreak is Live! [GUIDE]

Okay, so I've bought an iPad2 a few months ago. It's sleek, fast, and overall, I'm satisfied with it (although it's kind of limited... ._.). I was just trying to experience an iPad, so I bought a mediocre choice: 32GB Wi-Fi Only. But that's not the only reason... I've already got 3 3G devices. If I had bought another 3G device, my parents would slit my throat (not literally, though :p)

It's been a struggle for the dev teams to actually find out an exploit for a jailbreak. I still remember my first jailbreak, when it was @Comex who made it using It's the easiest. Sadly, after the firmware 4.3.3, his exploit became useless. Worry not, since another hacker nicknamed pod2g, along with some friends who are popular in the jailbreaking field(p0sixninja, planetbeing, MuscleNerd,and pimskeks), they manage to create the jailbreak app for these A5 devices.