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The Revival of Artemis

I don't know why I did this, but I somehow had an urge to revive my good ol' Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. It's blue-colored and I like its pretty design with blue lining covering its sides, like a sapphire. Although the touchscreen is kind of old (still resistive, which needs a physical pressure to activate a command), I still like it for some reason I don't even know why. To your information, I had been using it for around a year before I decided to buy a Galaxy S.

Moving On...

Today, or a few minutes ago... I got an info from my friend (my cousin, actually...) about creating a free website easily. He also asked me if I wanted to help him maintaining the site. Well, I personally thought that it would be a good chance to finally learn about something in the holiday, something which won't stress you out (there's absolutely no test about this in my school, so I can stop whenever I want to)

I thought I'm going to give it a try, and possibly turning my attention to the new site. I won't be abandoning this blog, though. I'll try to update it, but I guess it's merely about ideas and other informations. I'll be moving my projects there. If you want to give it a try, you can go to Google Sites to try it out yourself. All you need is only a Google Account and you're ready to go. I'm still trying to tamper with it and perhaps I'm going to give a review later.

Project Xenophobia II

Ah, it's finally done... The concept of the characters. Unfortunately, since I'm not that good at drawing, I only provide the description of the characters. Well, I've been trying to draw people since I was a kid, but I never did good on any of them, especially the face and the eyes... -.- Well, have fun reading, and please provide some comments!


Yeah, this is the last day of the series of final tests in my school. You'll never know how it feels to gain freedom just like this. And now, with today as the conclusion of the final tests, I can get back to whatever I had been doing before the final test! Yeah, now I have more time to get back on my projects, blogs, and of course... My gaming session! Yay!!!

Project Xenophobia I

Alright, I've done three projects so far, but I have yet to tell you about them since I'm still too embarrassed to show that... Anyway, I guess I'm going to start off with the list of characters and the settings as well...
I give it the name Project Xenophobia since I'm planning to include extraterrestrial beings. I know that there are many other stories which use them as well but... Heck, it's still not confirmed yet. I may use mutants instead of aliens.

What Do You Feel about These Pics?

I want to ask you guys about some pics. I've always liked illustrations and artworks, especially those who look like paintings from the Middle Ages. I don't know why, but somehow I feel that they're magnificent... and very, artistic. I'm not an artist myself, but I've taken an interest in this kind of thing... Alright, here are the pictures:

Spare Time

In my school, we got one day off after two consecutive days of torture (aka Final Test). And, since Science-based subjects have all gone away, it now feels like Heaven. Well, it really feels good...

In my spare time, I either play PC games or just write some stories. Well, I've done 3 stories so far but they seem really, really cliche... Well, that's understandable since I sometimes put the wrong event at the wrong section... I've asked someone to review my story, and his comments were pretty acceptable... but he stopped midway. Dang... but at least I know for a bit what I did wrong. Well, I just have to think of another plot once again...

Just Finished...

You know, I've already made a blog on Windows Live, but somehow I don't like the interface. I don't know, I just don't like it... Indeed it has an independent desktop editor program, but I just don't like it. I prefer Blogger more, so that's why I'm using it!

Anyway, I've been learning Photoshop all by myself for quite a while (or no... if learning from various forums isn't counted as self-learning), and I've taken an interest in coloring pics. My classmate has recently requested me to color his pic. Well, since I need refreshments from these ridiculous tests of madness, I guessed that receiving the offer wouldn't hurt.

Surprisingly, I've finished it in just two days! (I've just done it this morning...) I know it's a little bit blurry and messy, but I guess that's understandable, since I'm a mere beginner...