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BlackBerry: Rising Up? (And My Smartphone History)

Well, I know that this sounds like a fanboy article, but the truth is... I'm looking for a topic to write, since I've become quite bored on my limited holiday. There are tons of tasks I wanted to do during the holiday, but just like most teenagers in my country, I've been procrastinating until the last few days of my precious holiday. I just want to share some of my stories. If you think this is a fanboy article, you're welcome to leave. But before that, please note that I'm sick of hearing fanatics defending their favorite brands. It's just a company, geez. If they make good products, good for you. If they don't, then don't waste your time defending it or aimlessly point out other products' faults. Companies and competitions are there for our benefits. Imagine if there were just one company that produced all the smartphones in the world. There would be no innovations, would there be?

Anyway, I've written this piece after having experienced (alm…

A Thought on Convertibles

No doubt, technology is becoming more and more advanced as it is getting more and more fascinating as time goes. The end of 2012 was the beginning of 'hybrid laptops' era, or also known as convertibles, or anything else you want to call a laptop with detachable display. These convertibles have been around since Windows 7, but only recently, they've become available to more audience, and their price is getting more and more reasonable.

Initially, I had nothing against it... except for the fact that most affordable ones are powered by Atom processors. But after owning one (Acer Iconia W510), I changed my mind. This low-end offering from Intel is improving. It's certainly not a gaming powerhouse, but it handles Office applications pretty well. Of course, you wouldn't think of playing Crysis 3 on a sub U$700 tablet, right? Moreover, their designs seem to be kind of futuristic, regardless of the materials it is made of.

Okay, that's enough opening speech; let's…