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Another Freedom, yay!

Again, I've been busy all these times that I can't even update my blog. I've had final test for the 11th grade in Senior High School, and today, I've finally regained my freedom. Although there are still chances that I'll have to redo them due to bad marks... :p

But, the bright side is, everything's over. It's been a year with my wonderful Science2 class. We were strangers (exceptions are for my 7 ex-classmates) last July, but now... Well, at least we've become much closer than before. Time flies so fast, huh... It feels like yesterday when I looked at my class list tacked on the announcement board.

Well, let's save the nostalgia for later. Lately, I've been working on setting up my new Windows Live account. The old one (if you knew, has been suspended. Now, it's replaced with

I'll add it soon in my Contact Information. If you want to add me in your Yahoo!/Messenger list, I'm fine with it.…