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Check Your PC Fan using HWiNFO and smcFanControl

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Even though there are fan-less systems nowadays, fans still play a major role in the life of many PCs. That heat is responsible for many things going wrong in your system, such as frequent blue screen, sudden death, performance hiccups, or even degradation of your components. Heatsink, those thin metal fins, may help dissipating your heat, but they're not as effective as spinning fans.

Seriously, though, fans are important. A few days ago, I just noticed that my laptop fans are dead. Oh wait, fan. My Dell Inspiron 5447 only has one fan. How did I notice? Simple: it's gone silent, and it got unusually hot. Very hot. Seriously, though, I was afraid, and I didn't know what to do. To be honest, I didn't want to take it to the service center, since it's out of warranty, and I'm afraid about the price I would have to pay. Fortunately, I was able to open my laptop's access panel and blew away the dust.…

Trying Out Material Design in Google Chrome

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If you're an Android enthusiast like myself, I'm pretty certain that you, at least, have heard of the term "Material Design". Yes, it's the design guideline recommended by Google to streamline the interface of Android OS and apps. If I remember correctly, the design was introduced in version 5 (Lollipop) and it's getting better with 6 (Marshmallow) and the upcoming 7 (Nougat). Let's just pray that our phones will get it :p. Anyway, the design is also starting to get popular among app developers, even major ones.

And, if you like Material Design, I have a good news for you who use Google Chrome as your daily web surfing companion: Material Design is actually present in Google Chrome, though it's hidden. You just need to find the settings and enable them. Where are the settings? As usual, it's past the break. Don't worry, it's going to be short and easy :p

Not Enough Space for Windows 10 Anniversary Update? This Trick might Help You

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Approximately one week ago, Microsoft released the latest major update to their Windows 10, dubbed the "Anniversary Update" which brings an update to the start menu as well as other changes and improvements, both visible and under the hood. While I updated my systems just fine, I was unable to update my trusty Acer Iconia W510. Why? Well... storage space, that's why.

If you're updating through Windows Update, the application will tell you that you need to have at least 16GB of free space in your main partition (usually C:). Well, Sir... that's certainly impossible for my Iconia, because it only has 32GB to start with. That number doesn't count the partition size of ~4GB which leaves only 28GB of usable space. Cut that number with the size of Windows OS, built-in apps, and some of my personal apps, I was left with "just" 11.4GB. I've already tried Disk Cleanup a few times and CC…

Charger Doctor Review: Measure Your Charger Quickly and Easily

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Our mobile technology has come a very long way. We used to only be able to call and text through cell phones but look at us now: checking our emails, editing office documents, using applications to book restaurant reservations, hotel rooms, or even calling a cab! Our cell phones (dubbed smartphones now) are starting to replace our PCs... or it may already have.

However, those features come at a cost: battery life. Our feature phones of old have the power to last for days, but now? Lasting a full day is already considered as an achievement. Unfortunately, our battery technology isn't that advanced yet, so the engineers apparently decide to tweak with the technology behind the charging process: fast charging. That's why our chargers are an important part of our lives now.

The question is, how do we know if our charger is being honest with its specs? Normally, we'll need some big-ass measuring device called avomet…