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Logitech mk240 Mouse Combo Review

What do you do when you have a Windows tablet that doesn't include a keyboard dock? No, you neither throw it into the trash can or merely play games with it. You'll buy a set of wireless mouse and keyboard and of course, a USB OTG cable and put them together. That way, you'll have yourself a complete 'hybrid' notebook, albeit cheap.
Now, I'm pretty certain that you're thinking that there's no such set that has the right size for your tablet. It'd make you look very ridiculous, and you'll be ashamed to bring it with you, even to your favorite café. Fortunately, I have a solution that I recently found. The Logitech mk240 Keyboard + Mouse Combo. It's not the best solution, but at least it can save you some cash and a little bit of embarrassment. With the width almost equal to a widescreen 10" tablet, this might be the closest-to-perfection keyboard to pair with your lonely Windows tablet. It's quite thick, but quite easy to carry, consid…

Updating Your Evercoss One X to Stock

As you can see from my review here, some Evercoss One X units ship with a user debug version of Android Lollipop. User debug basically means that it's still in beta stages and (probably) not ready for prime time due to bugs (camera flash and battery drain). What's worse is that it won't get official updates from Google, considering the firmware as 'tampered' and 'unofficial'. I don't know how a company as big as Evercoss could make such a mistake, as other Android One manufacturers don't seem to have the same issue.

If you want to get the best of your phone, then you'll have to upgrade it to stock Lollipop. There are actually two ways to do this: either go to the official service centre and have them upgrade your phone or do it yourself. The former consumes more time since you have to get there and queue up. Moreover, they might charge you for the service and you'll have to wait there until the upgrade is finished. However, it's safe an…

An Ad-Ware Horror Story

If you've been in the Internet long enough (and are familiar with Internet and all threats within), you're bound to know about ad-ware (or adware, whichever one is right doesn't matter). If you don't know, then I'll gladly give you a brief explanation. Generally, computers (that have contact with the outside) have two kinds of threats: malwares (worms, viruses, trojans, etc.) and adwares. Malwares, as the name suggests––malicious wares, are programs created with the intention to break or damage your system. It can steal your precious data, delete important system files, or even access your computer when you least expect… or, just multiply itself to annoy the hell out of you. Regardless, malwares are evil, that's for sure. But, what about adwares? Well, adwares aren't as malicious as malwares, but they're still annoying anyway. They're created to 'offer' its potential users with 'relevant ads' that usually pops up within your browser or…