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Frozen Windows 8 Task Manager

Windows 8 has been around us for quite a while. Yes, many people don't like its new design and the loss of Start Menu, which disappoints most veteran Windows users out there. I myself don't like the tile-centric Start Menu, at least until I learn to live with it. Heck, if it hadn't been caused by its superb and light performance, I would have already got back to Windows 7. Then Windows 8.1 came along and it's said to bring back the Start button that usually sits on the left-bottom corner of your display. It's still in Beta, though; scheduled to arrive in October.

Anyway, I'm not here to discuss about Windows 8. As you can see from the title, I had a problem with my Task Manager. Starting a few weeks ago, I couldn't get an up-to-date condition of my system in the "Performance" tab. At first I thought that there's something wrong with my system; maybe my processor starts to ask for replacement, or my fans are causing all sorts of trouble. Howeve…

The Danger of Underestimation

Today, something I thought very interesting has happened. It was so interesting in my opinion that I decided to write a post about it. It has something to do with the header image above. That's right... It's about underestimating something. There are many sayings that imply that underestimating things eventually lead to a negative outcome. Those sayings have been proven. However, despite many concrete evidence (one of which is Napoleon's defeat against Russia in around 1812), many people still underestimate things, let it be subjects, work, tasks, etc. I myself am no exception.

But be warned, though. This is just a personal opinion that I decided to write as a blog post, and I have no intention to offend anyone through any meaning. It'll be just a blabber from me, so if reading other people's opinion isn't your cup of tea, then I'm afraid this isn't right for you. You're welcome to read anytime, though.

Reflective Journal Cpt.2

Just like the previous post, this is yet another assignment from Interpersonal Communication subject. This post virtually describes myself, especially my communication skills and how social I am. I'm going to divide this post into several headings, or questions that I'm supposed to answer.

Alright, here we go. If you want to find out more, feel free to go past the break ;)