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LastPass - For Your Eyes Only: Using Password Managers for Your Account Safety

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Okay, let's face it. I've got several of my accounts hacked. What's worse is that some of the accounts were holding some of my money (e-money, since two of three hacked accounts feature "balance" for easier transaction). You can read the stories over at Technoverse (Indonesian language). I didn't write about the last hacking attempt, since I've finally become embarrassed of it and think "Okay, this has to stop. Three is so enough that it's not funny anymore". I used to have 2 different passwords for most of my account, probably that's why my accounts got hacked so easily. All of them have the same email or similar username. I've read somewhere that the most secure password is the password that even you cannot remember. Okay, that's my mistake...
To help me redeem myself, I've finally decided to use a password manager. In case you don't know, password mana…

Wellcomm Touch1 Review: Wireless Charging for Cheap

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Wireless technology is the future, whether you like it or not... or at least, things are getting smaller and use less cord. Look at Apple's retina MacBook for example, they only have 1 (yes, ONE) USB-C port, and instead of apologizing for being so stingy, they encourage their users to go wireless. The new MacBook Pros, another example, only have USB-C ports. To make up for it, they will sell you dongles at a discount.

Okay, excuse my sarcasm, and let's get back to wireless technology. Wireless chargers have been around for quite a while, probably since LG G3 (which is 3 years ago, if I'm not mistaken). It has become cheaper and cheaper since, with the latest culmination of the technology is Samsung's Wireless Fast Charger, which is compatible with their latest flagships. Though I initially wasn't interested in the technology, I saw my friend buy one, and it seemed convenient. So yeah, I thought of…

2017: A Short New Year Greeting

Alright, guys... I'll be honest. When I said that more articles were coming, I certainly didn't mean another ceremonial post like this. I was writing an article about password managers when... I got sick. So yeah, I had no choice but to postpone the promised article but instead, I got this: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!
Yeah, I promise that a new "real" article (not ceremonial ones like this) will come a few days after January 1. But for now, let me apologize and wish you guys all the best for 2017. 2016 was a year full of challenges and surprises (whether pleasant or not...) but hey, life goes on, right? Regardless of the challenges that we may face in the months ahead, we need to stand up and say "You're no better than me!" and punch those challenges right in the face. Well, okay... not literally, but you got the message, right?
Ah, okay... Maybe I still am not feeling well. Anyway, happy new year 2017 and stay tuned! Have a great holiday-slash-weekend, every…