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Pocophone F1 Review - Affordable 845

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The Pocophone, without a doubt, is the most intriguing device of 2018. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of unique devices throughout 2018, such as the Vivo NEX, Oppo Find X, etc. However, The Pocophone F1, in my opinion, is the one which turned the most heads. It may not bring the most innovative design, but it brings the most interesting pricing.

Luckily, I had the chance to try it out for about a month. My initial impression was that this phone could be the game changer in the ever-more-expensive smartphone market. Was it justified? Keep scrolling to find out!
Design and Packaging From the box alone, you're already told that Xiaomi is the one behind the Pocophone brand, which explains the aggresive pricing. Flip the box, and you'll see this phone offers a lot for the money. Don't worry, we'll get through them later.

Open the box, and you'll have an almost-complete package:
The phone itse…

Windows Subsystem Linux (WSL): A Boon for Developers

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I'm a software developer. I code for a living. Also, I used to use Windows for my everyday tasks, and negligent to switch to Linux, despite what everyone says.

However, almost a year ago, I was issued a MacBook by my company, and a coding boot camp. From there, I learned that you can do your development faster from UNIX and its derivatives (Linux, macOS) compared to Windows. There are so many tools built into the Terminal and installing most development tools and libraries (such as Brew, ZSH) are also easier and faster. These tools aren't available to Windows users, even though they are so efficient and time-saving. Even if there is, installing it may take more effort.

On the other hand, I cannot fully commit to Linux. I sometimes game and fully switching to Mac is expensive. So, what's the solution for me?

Enter Windows Subsystem Linux, or WSL, for short, something that Microsoft officially supports in O…