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A Life's Test

Yeah, I know that I've gone often to rarely in updating my own blog. I've got lots of events, assignments, and projects in my campus that need my attention. Not only that, there's also this competition in English writing that I've just finished a few days ago. Though one was down, another ten still remain. In addition to that, I've also been hammered with what I call "The toughest test in my life". 
May I remind you that this post is all going to be me whining about my life, telling you my experience. Some of you that don't stand a man being melancholic should stay away from this post. For those who don't, some of you might think that I'm stupid, and there's an easy solution out of this. But in my mind, there isn't. This is the story of a clash between my heart and my logic. If you want to know more, you're welcome to get past the break. If you don't, then I can understand why you leave.