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Steelseries Rival 600 - A Festival of Colors

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I'm a gaming accessories hater-turned-fan, especially after trying Steelseries' Rival 500 (review here). I then bought a MSi laptop (which happens to have Steelseries keyboard), and the next thing I knew, I was already entrenched in Steelseries' ecosystem. Funny how your mind can be changed just by trying out the real-life product.

I'm on the verge of buying their mousepad, but that's a story for another day. What I'm going to talk about today is the latest mouse on their lineup, the Rival 600. Its beautiful design and symmetric streams of colors enticed me into buying it. I've used it for both gaming and working for approximately a week now, and I'm ready to share my experience. Okay, so shall we start?

Parallel Space Review - Feels Like Having Two Phones

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Until a couple of months ago, I've been having two smartphones with me. That's because I still believed that one phone will never be able to have two WhatsApps. If it was, it would take a toll on the battery.

However, I then felt burdened. Not only because I had to maintain both of them, but also because one felt neglected. So, I decided to give MIUI's Dual Apps a shot (I've been a loyal Xiaomi fan)... And it works like a charm.

Okay. One device was sold. Then, I needed to switch phone because mine was actually my father's. Okay, I decided to move to Zenfone, simply because I wanted to try something different. Then, I missed MIUI's Dual Apps. The ZenUI 3 at the time didn't support twin apps yet.

So, I went ahead and tried Parallel Space. It kept coming up in search results, not sure if it was good marketing or the app was really good. And you know what, I've been happy. I even bought…