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Testing Out What's App for Web

Well, it's been another while since I last updated my blog. Again, I've been busy with college work, mainly internship. In this new year holiday, I need to work as an intern in a company. It's mandatory for my major in order to be able to graduate... after you've finished your thesis, of course. Anyway, I recently stumbled into something interesting. It's not that new, but it's worth knowing, especially if you're a user of What's App, and sometimes find yourself too busy to just take a look at your phone, let alone reply your messages.

Yep, you got that right. What's App recently outed the web client for their popular cross-platform messenger. Although I've been happily using it for two days now, there are a few limitations I've discovered so far:

It only works in Google Chrome... for now.Although this may not sound like trouble, some people don't like Google's browser. For example, I may use Google Chrome on Windows, but I prefer Sa…