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Fixing Blend Can't be Opened on Mac

If you're a BlackBerry 10 user, you ought to know about Blend, the latest feature BlackBerry offered as a part of their newest 10.3 OS update. If you don't know and you're a BB10 user, I suggest you look it up on Google, as it is a very useful piece of software, at least for me. In case you don't know or don't want to look it up now, Blend is a software that connects with your BB10 handset running OS 10.3 or above (via USB, Wi-Fi, or Mobile Network). Once connected, you'll be able to send emails, BBM, text messages, and look at your calendar. You'll also be able to view your Hub, Contacts, and Files in your connected device. Sounds neat, doesn't it? What's better is that the software is also available for iPads and Android Tablets, aside from MacOS X and Windows.

As much as it is a useful software, it is still new, and improvements are needed here and there. One example is for Mac. Some of you might experience immediate closing once you open the ap…

Evercoss One X (A65) Review [UPDATED]

Update: Thanks to a feedback from a reader (+CharlesAlva), I've discovered a few bugs that may hinder with user experience. I've just updated the article to uncover those bugs. Update 2: I've managed to update to stock ROM (not user debug). I'm going to post the steps I went through to install it later today. Stay tuned.
Update 3: Something came up. I can't post it today. I'm going to post it in a few days. I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience.
Update 4: It's Up! You can read it here. Enjoy!

In Indonesia, people of higher society has one interesting stereotype: local brands are inferior compared to imported brands. This stereotype is applied not only to food and fashion items (some excluded), but also to electronic devices as well. Most higher end people wouldn't even bat an eye for local products. Most of them would rather just take a Samsung or an iPhone instead.
However, I think that's about to change, thanks to an initiative by Google whic…

Tips on Securing Your iPhone

Nowadays, gadgets are like an inseparable part of you. It helps you with your everyday life, getting more job done on the go. At the same time, gadgets are also used as a statement of prestige. In some countries, people tend to buy the highest-end, most advanced and expensive gadgets, even though they use them to merely browse the Internet, take calls, and send messages.

This shift of luxury and lifestyle also tempts criminals to make the shift from stealing jewelries to gadgets. Gadgets are easier to sell in the Black Market, even without the warranty card, packaging box, or other compliments because there are strong demands for these little pieces of tech. One gadget that has the highest demands among others is iPhone. Whether you like it or not, whether it is as functional as the gadget you're using to read this post or not, iPhones are dead expensive, and many people want one.

Fortunately, in response to this, Apple has a kill-switch feature that prevents the phone from being…