Possible Upcoming MacBook Pro Specs (Leak)

Too good to be true?
This upcoming WWDC event just keeps my heart racing like crazy. Yeah, okay, that's kind of exaggerated but you can't blame one man for getting excited to looking forward for his upcoming gadget's launch, right?

And this morning, when I checked through numerous Apple-fan websites, I've found this. It belongs exclusively to 9to5mac.com so far; I haven't seen it on the other websites... yet.

According to that sheet, the 15-incher will sport a quad-core i7 clocked at 2.6GHz (that's certainly a high-end), 16GB of RAM (I'm getting more skeptical), a ridiculously very high resolution (2560x1600) and a thickness of 1.88cm. Others are pretty basic peripherals. 9to5mac also predicted that this monstrous powerhouse would get a price tag of around 3,000$. That's ridiculous... almost costs as much as one motorbike here in Indonesia! Wow...

However, macrumors also got the same spec sheet, but for the 13" one. If you read the comments below the article, people are challenging each other to recreate similar spec sheet of their wish, to prove that it actually can be faked. If it's not fake, then I suppose that it's the ultimate configuration. I know Apple is insane for their pricing, but 3,000$ is way too much for a college student like me... waaaaaayyyy too much.

Oh, by the way, I think Apple somehow forced the firewire to get in, if this is were to be true. Why? Because I've measured my firewire port on my old laptop, and it has a height of around 1.5cm, while the sheet says the thickness would be around 1.88cm. Only 5 days to find out... and I'm already too excited! :D


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