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Dropbox and Cloud Computing

Okay, so I guess it's no wonder that we're currently living in the Digital Age, where (almost) everything is run or managed using/by computers. We got e-papers, e-mails, e-form, etc.

In the midst of this beneficial technological advancement, one invention has the potential to forever change our way of handling our data, and working in a large team conveniently. That invention is called Cloud Computing.

So, what's a Cloud Computing? Find out after the break.

How to Restore A5 Device [Device]

Okay, as what some jailbreakers have known, restoring is one part that is completely inseparable with any iDevice. Of course, it's needed for downgrading as well, and return the purity of your gadget (in case you want your warranty back).

Prior to A5 release, jailbreakers have known to restore and downgrade using SHSH. You can save them by using small-but-useful tool like TinyUmbrella. However, with the A5 device, downgrading only using TinyUmbrella won't work. Fortunately, the ChronicDev Team has come up with new plan: by using redsn0w. I have only tested this on my iPad2 Wi-Fi only; should work with other iPads out there. However, the Dev Team warns to look more insights if you want to unlock your iPhone4S. So, how does this work? Find out after the break.

Oh, before that... here's the list of things that you need:

SHSH blobs from your current device (use redsn0w or TinyUmbrella to do this).IPSW files from the firmware you want to restore to, and the latest version signed…

Jailbreak 5.1.1 is LIVE! [GUIDE]

If you guys have the new iPad, iPad2, or the iPhone4S stuck in the 5.1.1 firmware, and waiting for jailbreak, rejoice! The time has come! Yesterday, the ChronicDev Team members @pod2g, @pimskeks, and @planetbeing managed to release the Absinthe 2.0. This tool is your 'magic wand' to free your iDevices.

This tool supports all iDevices except: iPad2 WiFi R2 (It's a new model), AppleTV2, and AppleTV3. If you own these devices, I guess you'll have to wait longer...

You can download the tool here (Current version is 2.0.1). There's all you need for jailbreaking, but if you're on Windows and need a guide, after the break there's a quick guide that I've already tried myself:

BlackBerry Troubleshooting

Okay, so as what I had written in my first posts, I also own a BlackBerry device, which has gone insanely booming in this country. My model is the 9800 Torch. It's not that outdated... but I kind of disappointed with RIM for cutting its life (read: software update) in less than one year (thank you OS7-equipped device!). I feel like an idiot buying the Torch after knowing that you could get a much better device for the same price a few months later!

Ah, okay... enough complaining. Anyway, I've got some tips if you encounter some problems with BB. Although secure, these things could lag like hell (before OS7, I've never tried them) if you don't treat them right. What are the tips? Find out after the break!

Transition from Windows to Mac

I think this year, I'm going to ditch Microsoft... and let myself succumb into the cult of Apple, and try out their so-called revolutionary product, the high-end MacBook Pro, which is speculated to be released in the upcoming months. I made such a decision based on a very, very hard and logical thought. Find out the reasons after the break ;)

I Can't Help It

Okay, so I have the new blog... and I said that I would leave this one out. But heck, I can't do it. To be honest, I have a certain passion for technology and gadget, although I'm no rich man, and there's no way I can keep with the speed of current technological race. I'll just keep writing what I know here, for example: fixes, tweaks, etc.

So, yeah... I'm not going to re-brand this blog, or create a new theme--Well, I may use a new theme and tweak some things, but I'll never change the domain. This was the first blog which I kept on updating, and I want it to stay that way.

I suppose you can call this re-opening? ;)