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Xiaomi MiBand Review


Yeah, that's the current tech trend. Pioneered by proprietary systems (like Nike's Fuel Band, Pebble's Smartwatch, and Sony's own SmartWatch prior to SW3), wearables now have various looks and operating systems. Even major mobile OSes like Android and iOS have their own wearable platform (Android Wear and Apple Watch). Sure, they're quite expensive and their usefulness is still in question. However, what if you want to try out one? It's always exciting to try out something new, isn't it?

Enter the MiBand. This fitness tracker wearable manufactured by a new major phone manufacturer comes with a quite attractive design, compact size, and interchangeable bands should you ever get bored of it. What's more is that it comes with a low price, approximately U$17 compared to other similar fitness wearables.

So, how does the new wearable compare to your hard-earned cash? Let's find out.