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Installing Precision Touchpad on Your Laptop

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If you've ever used Macbooks before, I'm sure you notice that their touchpads are (way) superior than most Windows notebooks. You're not alone, and the majority of people also say the same thing. Unfortunately, it's not always caused by inferior hardware. Sometimes, it's caused by the software.

Not anymore on the software side, though. Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, has decided to develop their own touchpad driver called Precision. It has multi-finger gestures, and smooth scrolling and animations. Combined with better trackpad material, you can have (almost) the same experience as a Mac. You can compare them side by side with Synaptics or ELAN touchpads and you'll notice the difference immediately.

The good news is, Precision drivers are being adopted by more and more PC manufacturers. The bad news, there are still some PC manufacturers out there that insists on using inferior trackpad s…