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Opinion - Why I No Longer Flash For Fun

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Android users have been treated with one strong benefit: choice. Imagine, you have lots of devices to choose, all with various specs and manufacturers. If you want, you can also change the phone's stock OS to community-made ones (dubbed flashing). I've never seen any mobile OS did this before. To be fair, iOS users also have access to jailbreaking, but it's becoming less and less popular now, since it relies on the OS' security flaws, which Apple patches regularly.

Believe it or not, I also used to enjoy flashing, but that was years ago. Android devices weren't as affordable as they are now, and the fragmentation was so bad that devices felt old very fast.

My first Android device was the original Samsung Galaxy S. It was a big, reliable device that was dubbed "The iPhone Killer". I've kept it for almost 4-5 years, I think, even though it stays in the drawer after the second year. I d…