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Locating A Bluetooth Headset

This morning, just a few hours ago when I got up, I got a really, really nasty surprise. I lost my Bluetooth headset. No, it wasn't stolen, and I was certain about it because I had taken it to my room the night before. I was really worried and anxious, not only because it's an expensive piece of tech, but also because it's a gift from someone special.

I'm a kind of efficient guy, and I'm not the type to completely look at every drawer and opening I have, so I Googled for a way to locate it. For Android users, there's an app called Headset Trackr which, well, tries to locate your lost headset. I looked at the App's details in Play Store, and I didn't think it's useful for me because I was certain I was standing in the same room as my headset. The app basically searches for your headset and put it in Google Maps. I frankly don't know about the details, but I just didn't think it would work, at least for that situation.

Fortunately, I also foun…

BOLT! 4G Mobile Wi-Fi Review

If you're a guy who always follows how technologies advance, then you must know 4G. Yes, the next generation of GSM network (and also CDMA) promises clearer voice quality and significantly faster data transfer. Though that sounds fantastic, the availability of such network is currently limited to a handful of countries. Heck, even the next generation 4G (like LTE-A and 5G) is currently being deployed and developed respectively as we speak.

One of the countries that is currently preparing for 4G network is Indonesia. No offense, but I'm kind of pessimistic, since the 3G networks here suck pretty bad. But it's not that all bad. While telco operators are testing 4G networks in various locations, there's already one new kid on the block offering the sweetness of 4G network. Well, Folks, let me introduce you to BOLT!, a new operator which focuses on delivering 4G data. Unfortunately, it's currently available in select Jakarta regions only. But hey, we know it's comi…

What I Learned This Semester

Another semester has finally come to an end. As I get older and progress through my university years, there are more and more things I learn. The lessons aren't all about computers and technology, but also about life, adapting with society, and so much more.

No, this isn't another assignment that I have to do to pass a subject. This post is purely from me, who want to share what I've learned so far this semester - fourth semester. If you ask why... Well, I can only say that in my opinion, this semester is probably the hardest I've ever gone through yet. There are so much things I've learned.
If you're interested, then you're welcome to head through the break and read the rest of my post.

Excuse Me for Layout Change

Hi everyone.

If you're a regular here, then you should notice that there's a small design change in my blog. Yes, my application for AdSense has just been accepted. I've been trying to register for the service for years, but finally, it was accepted a few weeks ago. I too didn't notice the change until I got an email from Google.

Anyway, right now I'm still focusing on fixing the layouts of my blog, putting even further aside posting new articles. My finals are done, and there are only 2 projects that I have to finish before the end of the month. Until then, I might not post anything.

Thanks for your support, Guys! I hope I could meet you again :)