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Giving Up on The New Office

Okay, something is apparently released when I'm out, and it's this new famous productivity suite from Microsoft. Yes, all of a sudden, Microsoft Office 2013 (some may call it 365) has gone Release Preview, rather than going through Developer Preview phase like Windows 8.

At first, I was really excited to get this into my machine. However, I've been trying to fix the install for around 3 days, and nothing worked. It kept stuck at 'Streaming Application Features' 58%. To be honest, I've succeeded in opening Word and Excel. The interface is similar to Office 2010, but revamped for quite a bit. Users will need to sign into their Microsoft ID, either Personal or Enterprise. Thus, I logged in using the same ID required when I was about to download the 700kb installer. Each personal account is allowed to install the Office Home Premium Preview in up to 5 machines.

After the login, a window popped up, telling me how many installs I have left. Apparently, they haven…

Busy Week

Well, here I am again, using my blog as a media to share my life stories. I heard blogs are supposed to be used this way... so I hope you guys won't mind :p

This week is another busy week. My lecture started since the beginning of last week. It's not actually lecture,  but it's more of an extended course. It's called 'Remedial Course' or 'RC' for short. To be simply explained, it's like having a head start. It isn't mandatory... only people who want and some people who didn't pass certain tests come. I didn't pass in the Logic Comprehension Test. Thus, I have to attend the RC about logic and programming algorithms.

Ramadan, A Month for All

I'm not a Muslim, but I do enjoy the benefits of Ramadan month. I know that Muslims are joyful of Ramadan, because of fasting. By fasting, they not only fix their relationship with God by pushing down their hunger and thirst, but also have some kind of diet. Later in Lebaran (a month after Ramadan is called so in Indonesia), many shops and department stores, including major ones, will give out insane discounts to their products and merchandises. 
But I don't think that I have yet to see the benefits until today. I've just read that a telco operator in Indonesia, AXIS, has a very tempting promotion regarding to their data plan. Yes, until 31st of August, all AXISPro Subscribers will have a speed bump for up to 7.6mbps (a nice treat for HSPA+ devices), and the FUP will also be tripled! ^^
If you want to know more about the details, hit the source link at the bottom of this post. Oh, and for your information, if you're an existing subscriber, you should be able to enjoy t…

Jelly Bean for OG i9000

Does any of you still rocking the original Galaxy S (or i9000)? I do... and if any of you OG owners out there want the latest version of Android (unofficially, of course, since Samsung only treats us up to Gingerbread value-pack update), then your wish just got granted.

For real, you ask? Alright, hit the break and I'll tell you the rest.

Finally Home

My God... you really don't know how relieved I am when I got home this morning. My father decided to buy a few electronics to use at home. Some of which were unexpected... like a PS3 console (I mean, heck...It's an old model, 40GB of HDD although it's still a beast). They told me to pick up a few games: two for free, one for Rp200,000.00 (around $20.00). Why is it cheap? Because they're used games, of course... So, I picked up "Dante's Inferno", "Driver San Fransisco", and "L.A. Noire". I thought those are all good games, and worth a try. I don't know what other things my father bought aside from the gaming console.

Anyway, it's really nice to be back home. I think I'm going to start writing things again soon. I hope... since my College has just started.

Gingerbread Easter Egg (Humor)

Okay, if any of you guys happen to be one of 9gag readers, you might already know this Android Gingerbread-exclusive trick. This trick won't tweak your phone's performance, re-skin your homescreen, or do any miracles like that. The purpose of this tweak is just sense of humor. When I first saw it, I didn't believe in it, too... until I actually tried it.

Oh, by the way, I'm on 2.3.6 Gingerbread. Those 9gaggers say that it'll work for devices on at least 2.3.4. I don't know if it's right... or wrong. Just give it a try, okay?

Find out what the tweak is after the break:

Might Get Longer...

Well, I know it's been quite a while since I last posted. However, my last post about the 'jungle' was true. Every morning, to gain information from the internet (especially about College's announcements, which needs constant monitoring over the web), I need to make a cup of coffee and hang out on the balcony. I only have 30 minutes to do that, too... since my dorm mates always take me out for breakfast at around 6.30 - 7.00 A.M.

Unfortunately, things got quite out of my expectation. During the meeting two days ago with parents and new students, the Dean and the Head of Department of my major announced that we needed to take additional pre-lectures called RC which stands for Remedial Course. There are two RCs offered: Calculus and Logic/Programming Algorithm (in case you're wondering, I'm in IT major, Business Information System program), and each of them will cost us money, which will be automatically debited from the participants' savings.

For Calculus, i…

Thank You for Reading! :D

Tonight, was a truly extraordinary night. Sure, I'm so tired, since I've been doing activities without rest since this morning (college stuffs, farewell dinner party, and some mall-exploring :p). My eyes are on their backup power as I'm writing this article, so I'm just going to say it quick, and easy.

Thanks guys for visiting and reading my blog! :D

Tonight, despite being ruthlessly attacked by sloth and laziness, I've found out that my blog has been visited (and read) more than 1,000 times! Man, I know that set of number might not mean much for some people but for me, that's already quite an achievement. I wish I could meet with the 1,000th visitor and greet him in person, but I can't... unfortunately.

Anyway, 1,000 reads is just another motivation for me to build this blog further with better and more contents. Thanks again, Guys! :D

Living in the "Jungle"

Okay, so this year, I'm going to college, and this might be the hardest part in the freshman year: The Orientation. Although I live in the same city as my university, certain circumstances have made me consider renting a dorm around the college area.

Unfortunately, I picked the wrong room. It's in one corner of the building, next to the bathroom area (nice since you can quickly go when you need to 'go' :p). However, since it's in the corner of a building, and in the middle of tens of other high buildings, signal has found it difficult to reach me, or vice versa. You see, my dorm room is on the second floor, and there are three floors in this building. How I envy those on the third floor...

So, yeah... The bottom line is, I think I'm going out for a while, and when I got the chance, I will work on this blog. It's not easy living without signals in this digital age...