Chaotic Launch Price

The price above might not be relevant anymore...
Okay, so just as what I've said in my previous post, Samsung's latest flagship Android is getting a premium price here in Indonesia. It's probably the only phone whose price is almost equal to Apple's phenomenal iPhone... except the spec and feature is kind of one move ahead.

With such an initial pricing as much as the Galaxy Note, I think it's kind of unattractive for normal people. But something's strange with the launch price. The next day after its launch in the Grand City mall, my friend found a store which sells it at a lower price. How much was it? Let's find out.

Two days ago, exactly on the 2nd of June, Samsung held a launching event in one of Surabaya's most luxurious mall, Grand City. The initial pricing is the same as the banner image above, but you'll have a Rp500,000.00 discount if you use your Citibank credit card reward point. Of course, there would be people queuing so every purchase is limited to 1 (one) per person. My friend wanted to buy one, but he would have to wait for the delayed Pebble Blue color.

Okay, the next day, my friend mentioned me in Twitter, saying that in the World Trade Center (it's one of the biggest cell phone mall in Surabaya), there's a store that sells the same device for Rp6,700,000.00 without any reward points. Well, I think that's understandable. People who had bought it in the previous day might not feel disappointed, especially those who redeemed their reward points.

Now, the worst news came the next day. My friend went to Galaxy Mall, and he spotted one store there, selling the Galaxy SIII for only Rp6,550,000.00. He didn't mention any promotion... so I assume it's their price. Now, that's something that would make people swear. Rp400,000.00 can buy you a nice dinner in a fancy restaurant. You don't have to spend your reward points, too. Oh, and by the way if you're asking, it's actually a legit store, with a legit warranty from SEIN (Samsung Electronic Indonesia). What the hell is going on in here?

Well, I guess it's the consumers that are looking to buy new phones are the ones who can grab the advantage. If the initial launch price has already crumbled, then perhaps we might see an even greater slide in the price. Let's just see and maybe I won't have to pick up other phones :D *fingers crossed*


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