Microsoft Surface, Could This be It?

This tablet might be an iPad replacement for me :p
Yesterday, Microsoft made a move that could mark its comeback in the Techno market. Yes, they've finally joined in the tablet parade, which is currently flooded with Android tablets and iPads. The software giant unveiled the "Microsoft Surface", which might be the real deal "Tablet PC" with a PC-capable computing power. The design seems pretty attractive to me, with its kickstand and built-in thin keyboard. Oh, and they also come with optional pen input powered with digital ink. I've seen e-ink technology in Amazon's Kindle reader and it's amazing! It's as if you were looking at a real physical ink, and it won't itch your eyes, too.

Okay, design aside... but is this newcomer worth our while? Let's find out after the break :D

Built-in Kickstand and Thin Keyboard. How does that sound?
Unfortunately, Microsoft didn't spill much details for their latest machine. According to the specs sheet which can be downloaded here (official from Microsoft), the tablet will come in mainly 2 flavors: RT and Pro.

According to the specs sheet, the RT version will be powered by ARM Processor, HD Panel, a USB 2.0 port, Micro SD port, and Microsoft Office 2013 Home & Student RT Edition. As for the Pro version, it'll be powered by Intel's Core i5 Ivy Bridge, Full-HD Panel, USB 3.0 port, and Micro SDXC. Oh, please note that the Pro version won't have the Microsoft Office. Don't pout and say all the curses yet, though. Microsoft has included a pen stylus with the Digital Ink I've mentioned earlier in this flavor.

Thin... and Beautiful
Oh, and one more thing. From the specs we can conclude that the Surface Pro is intended for desktop user experience. It has a bigger battery, which is normal since ARM processors are mainly used for smartphones and other tablets, which is designed to be 'power efficient'. The pro version also comes with bigger storage option (SSD, I believe): 64GB and 128GB, whereas the RT version has three choices: 16, 32, and 64. Let's see how Microsoft put the price tags on their newborn babies.

Unfortunately, we won't see this in stores soon, since Microsoft planned to release the tablet around the launch of Windows 8 (Fall 2012, from September to December) for the RT version. As for the Pro version? I'm afraid we'll have to wait a little longer. Microsoft said that they would be available three months after the Windows 8 launch. Let's see when they can get into Indonesia, huh? ;)

What do you think? If you had an iPad or Android Tablet, would you trade it with this? I think I am... if the pricing is as sensible as iPad :p


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