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Google Tasks Review - Google's Second Attempt at To-Do List

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Believe it or not, to-do lists have played quite an important part in my life. They (obviously) help me keep track of my tasks, my shopping lists, and even my blogging process. I do admire Apple's Reminder app, as it is simple, user friendly, and just works. It effortlessly and automatically syncs across your devices (mac, iPhone, iPad), so the principle of 'write once, see everywhere' is gracefully and elegantly applied here.

I wish I could've said the same about Google, though. For some reason, I cannot bear using iOS as my primary mobile OS, so I cannot maximize that Reminder app's full potential. Unfortunately, Google didn't have the same app that works as good as Apple's Reminder. They do have Keep, but you can't possibly call keep a full to-do list app, no? For me, Google Keep is more like a versatile, all-in-one notes app, which is not what I'm looking for. I could also use …

Guide: Migrate Your Wordpress Site From One Server to Another

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P.S.: Please excuse some of the pictures. Currently, I'm testing a watermarking software. Watermarking is needed to prevent misuse of the pictures in this blog. Pictures will only be watermarked if I personally took or made them.

If you’re looking for an easy, no-nonsense blogging platform, Wordpress is still the way to go. It’s supported by many hosting companies, has solid community, thousands of plugins and themes, and regular updates. Installing it is also a breeze, with many hosting companies offer automatic, scripted installation for free. If you want an example, our sister blog, Technoverse, is based on Wordpress.

But, the problem with a lot of hosting platforms is that sometimes, we feel the urge to move. This urge can be caused by many things: cheaper rates, promotions, better and faster servers, etc. This move calls for migration, and for some people, it's a terrifying word.

Worry not, today I'm…