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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Review: Metal on Budget

Do you speak Indonesian? You can read the translated article here.

Xiaomi has always been known as a one strange phone company. It always wows its customers with decently-specced Android phones with affordable price tags which is usually half the asking price from a renowned company. The company just unveiled their flagship Mi5 and a more budget-friendly Redmi Note 3 Pro. The "Pro" moniker is given to distinguish it from its older sibling, which is powered by Mediatek's Helio X10. We'll go over the difference in a bit.
At first I was lost, between purchasing this or the Mi5. However, due to reasons concerning my financial condition, I decided to to choose the cheaper one. Don't get me wrong, I love them both but I chose the cheaper because of the price, screen size, and battery. I initially wanted to buy Redmi Note 3, so basically I got what I had wanted.
Okay, after using the device for roughly a month, I'm finally ready to share my experience and as usual, I…

Fixing Skype "Unable to Connect" Error

The other day, I was requested by my aunt to fix her Skype. She said that the application refused to sign in, and that a sad smiley kept appearing as she repeatedly clicked the "Try Again" button. So, okay. I've done these small maintenance before, how hard could it be? Maybe there's a glitch in the connection, or that it asks for a new update (although she said that she had updated it. She even had uninstalled and re-installed the program. Still, it refused to connect). She even brought it to her acquaintance which sells computers and told me that he had failed fixing it. He even resorted to last-resort alternative: reset and reinstall Windows. I thought it was ridiculous. Honestly, just because one program failing, I have to lose all my data and start over? Jesus, I would rather abandon that one program. Anyway, with overconfidence that I could fix whatever the problem was, I paid my aunt a visit.

And well… Have you been put in a situation where everything you thoug…