Parallel Space Review - Feels Like Having Two Phones

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Until a couple of months ago, I've been having two smartphones with me. That's because I still believed that one phone will never be able to have two WhatsApps. If it was, it would take a toll on the battery.

However, I then felt burdened. Not only because I had to maintain both of them, but also because one felt neglected. So, I decided to give MIUI's Dual Apps a shot (I've been a loyal Xiaomi fan)... And it works like a charm.

Okay. One device was sold. Then, I needed to switch phone because mine was actually my father's. Okay, I decided to move to Zenfone, simply because I wanted to try something different. Then, I missed MIUI's Dual Apps. The ZenUI 3 at the time didn't support twin apps yet.

So, I went ahead and tried Parallel Space. It kept coming up in search results, not sure if it was good marketing or the app was really good. And you know what, I've been happy. I even bought…

Infinix Zero 5 Review: A Worthy Flagship Upgrade

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Even though I thought I already suspended device reviews, an opportunity suddenly popped up. My father decided that he wanted to try out Infinix's latest Zero flagship, the Zero 5. I suspect there were a few things that tempted him to upgrade: Dual camera, large screen, and most importantly: insanely affordable price. Yeah, the latter is the most important because at the moment, there's no phone at that price range which has 6GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage.

The specs seem beastly. Add a slew of accessories into the packaging and dedicated SD card slot (in addition to 2 SIM slots), you'll have yourself a great flagship. My father chose the flashy red color, and fortunate enough, I have the chance to try the phone out for a week, before sending it to him.

So, the million-dollar question is, is it worth your money? Or rather, why is it worth your money? Let's find that out!
Design and Packaging Wrapped…

Quick Guide - Prevent Windows Auto App Install

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I'm pretty sure that while Windows 7 and 8 still has a considerable market share, most of you have tasted Windows 10. During its first setup, we were introduced to Cortana and a bunch of configuration which may concern our privacy. As if that's not annoying enough, I found myself facing another problem: automatic installation of a few apps. Even after uninstalling them, they kept coming again.

Don't get me wrong, Windows 10, in my opinion, is the best Windows yet in terms of features and UI. However, Microsoft seems to take on this software-as-a-service a little too seriously. What I fear the most is when we no longer have complete control over installing these so-called "sponsored" and "we think you might love" apps.
The Problem So, the apps that Microsoft kept installing in my PC was the infamous Candy Crush Soda Saga, Royal Revolt, and Dragon-something, I forgot. You may have a di…

Quick Guide: Clear Administrator Error When Removing Google Account On Xiaomi Devices

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It's been quite a while since I last wrote a quick guide. Well, things have been busy and since there's no budget for a new device, well… device reviews will be paused for quite a bit. Instead, I will be writing reviews for apps and quick guides for overcoming errors in my devices.

So, what's in store this time? Recently, I switched from Xiaomi Mi Note 2 to Asus Zenfone 3. Why, because the Mi Note 2 was not mine, and I won a free Zenfone 3. I prefer Zenfone 3's camera (which uses the same sensor as Mi 5, BTW) so I switched. Fortunately, the Snapdragon 625 wasn't that much slower than the former-flagship 821, so I don't really notice the downgrade.

Before returning the Mi Note 2, I had to remove my Google Account in it. Otherwise, the owner will need my password to re-use that device, even after a factory reset. That's been the case ever since Android Lollipop, to at least make it more di…