Why Choose Paid Apps?

As a typical Android user, I'm certain that you guys have downloaded a 'free' version of an app. Say, the Angry Birds which is free, not the paid version. Have you ever noticed a banner suddenly showing up on your screen and sometimes interferes your aiming?

Or just look at the screenshot to the left. Although it's in iOS, it's just the same. The point is, some of today's app developers uses third-party advertising companies to monetize their app so that their apps can get their 'free' status.

Okay, so all of us like something which is 'free', no? Especially when it comes to discounts or promotions. Who doesn't want to get iTunes' free App of The Week? I'm sure that most of you will check and download it each week. Unfortunately, beside promotions, I don't think that most half-free apps are worth it. I'd rather buy an app (or somehow find a way to get it) to get the ad-stained version. Why? Find out the reasons after the break.

Based on the findings that I have found in the Internet, I've found some facts, along with my own opinion, about why you should buy a full version app, rather than trying out the free version. Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Battery Drain
    According to a researcher, mobile ads are actually consuming 75% of the total power consumption, compared to the actual app. What's the reason? Well, to put it simply... Mobile Ads are mostly categorized as 'Targeted Advertising', in which the device downloads the ad material from over the net. Some are according to your location. The process of downloading and finding out your location is the one which consumes energy the most. Although you can avoid this by disabling your 3G data, it's still a pain in the butt, right? Besides, if you ever experienced a short lag while playing and afterwards you found a banner appear... it means that the ad module has just sucked some of your data.
  2. Annoying Interference
    Have you ever played a game, then suddenly an ad pops up on your screen. Say, you accidentally clicked it, and it took you to a web browser, then you have to go all the way to the multitasking bar, and return to your app. Or, when you play Angry Birds, you were aiming nicely until a banner shows up and conceals those annoying green pigs. Have you ever encountered that? If yes, I'm sure you'll know what I meant by the subtitle. Otherwise, you're among the lucky few people.
    Ad in my Notifications Center? That's too much, I think...

    Well, banner ads are normal... pop-up ads are moderate But what about the ads that makes your notification center its home (look at the picture)? More than that, recently there's an ad developer that promotes advertising through the audio. Imagine that when you call someone, that soothing beeps suddenly turn into an advertising. My God... those developers will sure gain more money, but we are suffering as customers.
Okay, maybe there are only two reasons, but I think that's enough to justify why it's better to buy paid apps, rather than using ad-bloated version of those. Besides getting the app the legal way, we can also encourage the developer not to use such inhuman advertising methods aside from directly supporting the app development. I'm no app developer, but I know how hard it is to make a living just out of 0.99$ apps. Kudos to those who haven't given up and use normal advertising, or not even creating an ad-supported version of their apps at all.

As always, this is my mere thought. I recommend switching to paid apps but if you can't, you can turn off your Data before using your app, or try avoiding the pop-up ads if you can expect when it'll fill your screen. As for the notifications, there are certain apps you can search in Google Play which can get rid of them. About the audio, I haven't found the solution yet, since I've never encountered such a case. Maybe there's an app to get rid of that in Google Play. If you've found a solution, please kindly share or contact me at saviour.of.darkness@gmail.com and I'll share them out in Facebook, Twitter, or this blog. Thanks for reading :D


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