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I've been busy in these few days, so I didn't have time to upload my blog since my last post (What's FUP). Anyway, yesterday (or last night in Indonesia), Google has made an interesting announcement in their I/O 2012 event (much like to Apple's WWDC, but this time they talk Android). Almost as exciting as WWDC, Google's annual event also uncovered 2 new gadgets to the world by the search engine giant. What are they? Find out after the break.

Google-ASUS Nexus 7

Nexus 7 Keynote Slide
Nexus series have been known to provide pure Android experience (no UI customizing, bloatwares, etc. Just vanilla) and currently are the handsets which has been prioritized by Google to receive most of the Android speedy updates (Nexus series are also ones with longest life cycle). Oh, and one more thing: Performance is also top-notch, since everything is watched closely by Google. Nexus devices were Nexus One by HTC, Nexus S by Samsung, and finally the latest, Galaxy Nexus, also by Samsung.

But yesterday, things get a bit different. Nexus tablets had been all but rumors until last night, when Google finally reveals their first tablet, partnered with ASUS. The Nexus 7, which is, by far, the cheapest Android tablet with no compromise. Detailed specs are below:

  1. 1280x800 7" HD IPS Display with Corning Gorilla Glass
  2. NVidia Tegra 3 Quad-Core Processor
  3. 1.2MP Front-facing camera
  4.  1GB of RAM
  5. 4,325 mAh battery (claimed to be up to 8 hours in the website, but 9 hours in the keynote)
  6. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
  7. NFC, GPS, Accelerometer, etc.
That's quite a mouth-watering tablet, isn't it? Don't drool yet... The price hasn't been revealed yet. Well, okay... here they are:
  1. $199 for 8GB Storage
  2. $249 for 16GB Storage
God, if it had 3G just like Samsung's Galaxy Tab, I'd certainly trade my Galaxy S for that. But unfortunately, it's just for Wi-Fi. Oh, nevermind... Although with that price, Amazon has to watch out or their Kindle Fire will get burned and smoked. I just want to see when and how much this little baby will be in Indonesia. Nexus phones have almost all been in Indonesia, except for HTC Nexus One. The reason? Well, I think because back then, HTC wasn't a popular brand here due to their expensive price and shortage of service centers.

Nexus Q

That's one nice, beautiful streamer ball
At first, I was confused about this little spherical device, until I read what it actually is. The Nexus Q is pretty much similar to Apple TV, but with more features (and less). The key difference between Apple TV and Nexus Q is that while Apple TV can operate as a standalone media hub (has its own OS and iTunes store), Nexus Q still depends on another Android device (at least that's what I get from its website).

Oh, and one more thing, this little ball is loaded with all the features that you media enthusiasts might like, such as built-in 25W-class amplifier (12.5W each channel), Micro-HDMI port, Banana Jack speaker outputs, and TOSLink Optical Audio, aside from NFC, Bluetooth, etc. 

Of course, you need a Google Account and music from Google Play to use this ball. It has 4.0 Android OS and 16GB NAND Flash memory inside, but I don't understand why you still need your phone. Maybe it's the same as the Apple TV with a different target user. I'll update when I get information about this tiny little ball.

So, I guess that's all, Folks. Are any of you readers planning to pick up one or both of these? Express your opinions in the comments section below :D


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