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Post-Apocalyptic Christmas

Okay, first of all,

Merry Christmas 2012 and Happy New Year 2013
May This Year Brings You All The Best Blessings in The Years to Come! :D And yeah, I guess this year, can be said as the 'most twisted' year ever since I was born. What I meant twisted was the whole world itself; not from my own personal life :p
Why, because this year was supposed to be the last year of humanity. Despite many failed prophecies of Apocalypse, the most 'shaking' prophecy is probably this whole Mayan thing. Y2K also caused quite a stir, but at that time, I saw more celebrations than fear. Most people said that this year was going to end, and many raised questions whether there's going to be 2013 or not. There's even the movie '2012' which depicted the destruction of Earth and humanity thanks to its polar shift. Many people cried hysterically after watching it.
There are so many scenarios which would bring about the end of the world. Among them is the total destruction, 3 days …

[Advertorial] Make Money Online

Well, this Holiday Season, I'm truly idle... or I don't really have anything really worthwhile to do. I originally wanted to study about 3DS Max, but since the program is being downloaded as I write (yeah, 1-2GB programs take longer to download. Welcome to reality, My Friend...), I think I'll try to find something else to do.

And... guess what? I think I'm going to earn money from the Internet. The Internet is, as people say, a land of opportunity, just like America. If you can read your opportunity right and use it, you'll benefit from it. I've started this online job since I was a kid, but back then I knew nothing of PayPal and I thought that the earning was too little, so I quitted. But after more than a decade, I decide to get back, since I already know much more things about Internet, and most of my time, I sit in front of my computer/laptop, so doing some multitasking won't be bad at all :p

The online jobs that I currently have is about PTC (Paid-to-…

Return of The Blog (and Breaking News)

Alright, I realize that it's been roughly a month (or more) since my last post, about the iMac Refresh. Well, now the new iMac is already on sale in the U.S. of A, Apple fans here in Indonesia will need to wait for the ridiculously-thin AIO desktop. One good advantage of getting last in launch, though, is that we'll get to see the reviews from the professionals first. Should the product has defects (got blown off easy, messy internals, etc.), we can avoid buying it and keep the hard-earned dough for the next generation product next year :p

As in other news, the iPhone5 has finally landed here, with still its 'revolutionary' price of Rp7,999,999.00 for factory-unlocked models. For those of you who are eager to get one but doesn't have enough cash, maybe you should take a look at the contracts telco operators like Telkomsel and Indosat are offering. Be sure to simulate your cash flow in the next 12 months, though... or you'll get burned.

Meanwhile, ATIV Smart PC …