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Smartfren M3Z Review: Bigger and Better

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In my personal opinion and based on my experience, Smartfren is probably one of the better data-oriented telco in Indonesia. In terms of data speed, it might not be the fastest. However, in terms of coverage, I must say that Smartfren might outrun others.

However, today we’re not talking about the telco operator. We’re talking about one of their next-gen Mi-Fi products. Yeah, I actually promised a reader here that I would review it, but life came up and I couldn’t finish the review… until now. Anyway, the model in question is the Smartfren Andromax M3Z. This router is not only bigger, but also better, in terms of both looks and functionality. With a more controlled and affordable price of Rp299,000.00, you can bring this baby back home, as well as 30GB of data for a month. Generous, right?

So, what are you waiting for? Head past the break to read the rest of the review!

Andromax A Quick Review: The Essentials

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Smartfren Andromax is widely known in Indonesia as the only brand which is outed by a telco operator, with the possibility of its price being subsidized. Smartfren Andromax A is the most affordable of the bunch. With the asking price of merely Rp650,000.00 (~U$50), it already supports LTE and VoLTE. Good news is, I have some time to tamper with this little fella. The bad news is, my time is limited since this phone is needed in my office. With this quick review, I'm going to share a little bit of my experience with the newest, (probably) the most affordable LTE handset in Indonesia.

Quick review means this review may not be as comprehensive as my other reviews. Some things that could be cut are the number of camera samples and battery life.

So, what are you waiting for? Head past the break to find out more about Smartfren Andromax A!

Fixing Windows 10 Issue: Missing UI Text

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Another day, another Windows 10 tip. Who doesn't like Windows 10? This release makes Microsoft seem as if they had finally found the right combination between the flat style UI and the traditional familiarity of Windows. However, just like all kinds of software, bug is still present, and one of them, is the missing texts of system UI. What do I mean? Well, head past the break to find out more. In fact, I'll also give you a tip on how to solve that annoying bug.

iOS10 Tips: Opening Lockscreen without Pressing Home Button

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I'll have to admit that iOS10 is quite a revolutionary upgrade. With various new features added such as widgets and into existing apps like Siri and iMessage, iOS10 might the most flexible (and possibly the most open) iOS to date. However, there's one new "feature" which is quite disturbing to me, which is the need to press the home button when unlocking your phone. In the previous iOS version, you only need to rest your finger on the sensor to unlock your device.

The good news is, this "new feature" can be turned off. Honestly, since I'm kind of a person who takes "extraordinary" care for his home button (including the ones in Samsung devices), I try my best to never press it whenever possible. Why, because I've seen numerous broken home buttons, either them being unresponsive or no longer comfortable to click. Anyway, if you're the same type as me, you might want to follo…

Being a Smart Customer - Looking Further into Deals

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I have quite an interesting story to share with you guys. Well, at least for me, this story is interesting enough to write and post immediately. A few days ago, on September 29 2016, to be exact, I saw an interesting deal. A very interesting and tempting one. Imagine, for each web hosting package you extend or buy in September, you will also score a lifetime discount of up to 40%. This means that all your future payments regarding to affected packages will be discounted by 40%, forever. Very tempting, isn't it?

However, I just couldn't bite that promotion, because I strongly believe that there are only a handful of deals that actually benefit the customers, or at least they come with lots of (hidden) terms and conditions. However, at that time, the promotion page didn't mention any terms and conditions, except that the deal was only valid in September, and that the promotion was applicable only to those …