Project Xenophobia I

Alright, I've done three projects so far, but I have yet to tell you about them since I'm still too embarrassed to show that... Anyway, I guess I'm going to start off with the list of characters and the settings as well...

I give it the name Project Xenophobia since I'm planning to include extraterrestrial beings. I know that there are many other stories which use them as well but... Heck, it's still not confirmed yet. I may use mutants instead of aliens.
  • Military, may be included with drama as well...
  • The year 3125. Although sounds advanced, thanks to a particular "Great Apocalypse", humans have to start their life from scratch; it took nearly a thousand year for the human civilization to fully recover. Now, the recovery is done. The world is separated into two major powers (just like during the Cold War). One is the Union of Zodiac Islands (or UZI for short...) and the Federation of Terra-Novae (or FTN...). You might be able to tell which one is derived from USSR and which one from the Allies.
  • The main hero will act as a Special Force Unit from the FTN, which has just been promoted and received his first mission; infiltrating a Vector Research Facility building. To be noted, Vector is a multinational corporation which controls more than half of the world's economy. They've been contracted by FTN to develop arms exclusively for the federation. However, FTN's Intelligence Agency found something startling regarding to Vector, and they decided to infiltrate it to see what's really going on inside Vector.
  • More characters coming soon... Since this is still a concept, it's still merely a rough sketch...


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