What Do You Feel about These Pics?

I want to ask you guys about some pics. I've always liked illustrations and artworks, especially those who look like paintings from the Middle Ages. I don't know why, but somehow I feel that they're magnificent... and very, artistic. I'm not an artist myself, but I've taken an interest in this kind of thing... Alright, here are the pictures:
It's pretty weird, yet very powerful
Really beautiful, isn't it?

I feel beauty beneath the darkness...
Really cool... That's my first impression.
Those are pictures in my favorite style. It uses mosaic and watercolor-like technique. For some of you, it might seem weird... Yeah, sometimes people ask me why I like those weird things... and I can't answer them! I sometimes also wonder why I like these things... But I finally noticed that there's nothing wrong with our hobbies, as long as it doesn't disturb our daily routines. Yeah, that's right...


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