Project Xenophobia II

Ah, it's finally done... The concept of the characters. Unfortunately, since I'm not that good at drawing, I only provide the description of the characters. Well, I've been trying to draw people since I was a kid, but I never did good on any of them, especially the face and the eyes... -.- Well, have fun reading, and please provide some comments!

More info coming soon~
Oh, by the way, the names these characters use are merely coincidental, and there's no way for them to be deliberately used to mock someone else!


1.     Odin Skye

A new and freshman member of Nova Special Forces, which consists of highly-trained commandos and war veterans. The members’ reputations are unquestionable; they always succeed at their missions, whether it’s direct warfare, assassinations, or even black ops.

Odin is a young Lieutenant in the N.A. (Novae Army) and has just been promoted to the N.S.F. He’s still 19, but he shows excellent skills in sharpshooting, and also a top-scorer in the army’s obstacle course scoreboard. He’s a pretty easygoing guy, although there are times in which he’s serious. His favorite gun is Vector’s AR25, which has minimum recoil, maximum damage, accuracy, and lightweight. He’s still single, by the way...

Odin’s first mission is a covert mission accompanied with normal N.A. soldiers-in-disguise to infiltrate Vector’s compound and seek the real and true evidence about their treachery. However, Vector and Zodiac’s intelligence is much more solid than theirs. Odin’s position is compromised, and he has to fight his way out of the compound, while he brings the most important package he has ever known...

2.     Ciel Kreznova Vektor

A descendant of the Vector’s family bloodline. His father, is the current CEO of Vector, and leads the Boards of Directors, which controls everything happening inside the company. Ciel later becomes a defector, after she knows what her father is hiding behind the scenes of the world. As a deep insider of the dark company, Ciel knows almost everything which is happening in Vector and therefore, she’s an invaluable asset for the Federation of Terra Novae.

She met Odin while he’s being chased around by both Vector and Zodiac’s armed personnel. In fact, Ciel saved Odin by dragging him into a steel locker and hides him there while he was almost surrounded. She then immediately requests Odin to bring her to Odin’s leaders and superiors.

Ciel masters sword arts well, and she’s also a pretty good sharpshooter. After being transported to the Federation of Terra Novae, she decides to enlist herself as the member of N.A. She wants to put an end to his father’s terrible plan for the world.

3.     Gen. George Howitzer

The leader of the Special Forces. He’s the one behind Odin’s promotion to the force. A brave and solid soldier, he knows no fear, and is truly dedicated and devoted to the Federation. He couldn’t stay still when he finds out that Vector is planning something not only for his beloved Federation, but also the whole world. Although he’s the leader of the force, he still acts as a field soldier, who belongs to the formidable Reaper team.

He’s not that old; in fact, he’s still in his thirties. He’s pretty good in quickly arranging a combat tactics while on the field. No one knows his surname, for Howitzer is his nickname, which matches his reputation as a feared soldier in the eyes of the enemy.

4.     Alexei Vektor X

The tenth generation of Alexei Vektor, the original founder of Vector, a renowned arms-manufacturing company. He’s a sleek businessman who always dares to do anything in order to advance his company, no matter how evil and gruesome it is. He has two children, one is Ciel, while the other is Alexei Vektor XI, whom he has sworn to be the leader of Vekta, Vector’s military personnel, who is secretly aiding the Union with its battle.

Alexei has his own plan for the world. Secretly providing two sides with his weapons is merely the mask of his true plan. He, and his teams of researchers are currently developing some kind of an experimental WMD. It is not for sale, but in order for Vector to be the single leader of the world, exceeding the governments and unions around the world.

5.     Alexei Vektor XI

An ambitious son in the Vektor family. He is promised with glory, and the leadership staff of Vector in the future. Although he’s pretty ambitious, he’s got a great amount of respect for his father, and therefore he’ll never betray him. As the direct descendant of an arms-manufacturing company founder, Alexei’s knowledge about weaponry is very formidable. He can even design and build his own weapons in seconds, using improvised materials.

Alexei is entrusted by his father to be the leader of Vekta, a military division of Vector, which consists of recruited freelancer soldiers, who are sworn to defend Vector until the end of their last breath. His title as the leader of Vekta, makes him a top-priority target for the Federation, while the Union keeps on protecting and providing him a shelter from the darkness.

Alexei’s survival instinct is also not to be underestimated. During Vekta Recruitment Training, he’s forced to camp out in a jungle full of monsters with a few men for about three days, without any supplies from Vector; they have to use their surroundings to survive. Alexei’s team is the only team that has all of its crews intact after three days. The others lost one, or all of its crews. He also excels at martial arts. Well, to be precisely said, he’s almost a one perfect soldier.

6.     Premier Dragunov Shakovich

The president who also holds the highest position in the Union of Zodiac Islands. Dragunov is known for his tactics in employing various propaganda in his soldiers’ mind to increase his soldiers’ morale, which is often verbally transmitted through his officers and commanders. His propaganda often strikes fear into the hearts of the Federation’s soldiers. Dragunov also acts as the tactician and strategist to every battle the Union faces, along with his inner circles. He prefer to employ blitzkrieg tactics, although sometimes he uses the power-in-number tactics, and fiercely attacks a Federation main camp or stronghold using thousands of infantries, and hundreds of tanks.

Dragunov is a sleek man, he persuaded Vector to join his cause, while advising to keep on supporting Federation, and provides Dragunov with any intelligence he needs, mostly about the Federation’s arsenal. His wish is fulfilled by Vector. However in return, Vector asks for a private island in the Union’s territory, and let Vector secretly does anything with that island, without no one knowing, including the Premier himself. Dragunov is forced to agree, since he’s in a desperate needs of weapons. As a bonus, Vector also provides Vekta as combat support. However, Vekta only obeys Vector’s orders, which is approved from Dragunov’s order recommendation.

Sometimes Dragunov feels a little bit suspicious about Vector’s mysterious intention with its island gift, but since he’s an honorable man who keeps his promise, he lets that thought of suspicion go away.

7.     President Jack Haezer

The president of Federation of Terra Novae. A true patriot and hero to everyone’s cause. He always hears the opinions of his fellow citizens and put that into consideration in his governance. A wise old man, with a golden bright aura around him.

As the president, Haezer has the authority to issue a command to every soldiers in the battlefield, and... since he’s a former high commander when he was in the N.A., he’s highly respected by his subordinates. All the officers and tacticians in the field merely serve as the president’s advisor and recon. He’s also the one who suggests that the Federation should recruit Vector as its primary arms provider, due to Vector’s formidable reputation thanks to its innovative products.

Although he’s the one who came up with the idea to persuade Vector to join his cause, Haezer doesn’t really trust the company. He couldn’t say that he hadn’t expected Vector’s betrayal when his personal intelligence agent in the field gave him some evidence in the form of several photographs. In response to this, Haezer immediately issued covert ops into Vector, and that’s where the story of Project Xenophobia begins...

8.     Alexis Houston

An old friend of Odin and a renowned tactician of N.A. Both Odin and Alexis went into military academy at the same time, but they went to separate ways afterwards. Odin chose the Infantry Combat faculty, while Alexis chose the Art of War faculty. When she’s creating a tactic, she always considers the safety of her men, and tries to avoid unwanted sacrifices.

Alexis’ intelligence is matched by her beauty. She has an ideal body, along with smooth and silky blonde hair, and light blue eyes. Those characteristics are enough to turn her into an idol of the whole organization. However, she’s a master of martial arts, so people don’t dare to do anything strange to her…


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