Finally Home

My God... you really don't know how relieved I am when I got home this morning. My father decided to buy a few electronics to use at home. Some of which were unexpected... like a PS3 console (I mean, heck...It's an old model, 40GB of HDD although it's still a beast). They told me to pick up a few games: two for free, one for Rp200,000.00 (around $20.00). Why is it cheap? Because they're used games, of course... So, I picked up "Dante's Inferno", "Driver San Fransisco", and "L.A. Noire". I thought those are all good games, and worth a try. I don't know what other things my father bought aside from the gaming console.

Anyway, it's really nice to be back home. I think I'm going to start writing things again soon. I hope... since my College has just started.


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