Giving Up on The New Office

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Okay, something is apparently released when I'm out, and it's this new famous productivity suite from Microsoft. Yes, all of a sudden, Microsoft Office 2013 (some may call it 365) has gone Release Preview, rather than going through Developer Preview phase like Windows 8.

At first, I was really excited to get this into my machine. However, I've been trying to fix the install for around 3 days, and nothing worked. It kept stuck at 'Streaming Application Features' 58%. To be honest, I've succeeded in opening Word and Excel. The interface is similar to Office 2010, but revamped for quite a bit. Users will need to sign into their Microsoft ID, either Personal or Enterprise. Thus, I logged in using the same ID required when I was about to download the 700kb installer. Each personal account is allowed to install the Office Home Premium Preview in up to 5 machines.

After the login, a window popped up, telling me how many installs I have left. Apparently, they haven't counted the Word and Excel as installed, thus they requested me to push the 'install' button to begin. What pissed me off is that I was required to download another pack of files. They only say it in percent instead of actual size of download, and amount that I've downloaded. If I cancelled the download, Word will immediately exit, notifying that there's a problem about license. So, although I can't write a detailed review, I think I can review the installer and a shallow aspect from the suite. So, here it is:

  1. The installer and installation method is easy, and automated, I agree. However, it's not designed for users with slow internet connection. I think they need to bear this in mind when they release this, since there are news lying around that Microsoft would move from retail to subscription (I'm one of those who hope that this news is wrong. Otherwise, it's going to hurt people's wallet in developing countries).
  2. The first interface is good, similar to what most other reviews say, while it's heavily influenced by Metro UI in Windows 8. If they put a good price for it, I think I might consider it :p
Finally, that's all I can say. I think I'm going to try installing it again, and see if my future patience would pay off. Thanks for reading, and sorry for the disappointment, Guys :(


  1. nice review although you didn't manage to fully install it :P

    1. Thanks, it's really a pain for slow internet users... =A=


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