Living in the "Jungle"

Okay, so this year, I'm going to college, and this might be the hardest part in the freshman year: The Orientation. Although I live in the same city as my university, certain circumstances have made me consider renting a dorm around the college area.

Unfortunately, I picked the wrong room. It's in one corner of the building, next to the bathroom area (nice since you can quickly go when you need to 'go' :p). However, since it's in the corner of a building, and in the middle of tens of other high buildings, signal has found it difficult to reach me, or vice versa. You see, my dorm room is on the second floor, and there are three floors in this building. How I envy those on the third floor...

So, yeah... The bottom line is, I think I'm going out for a while, and when I got the chance, I will work on this blog. It's not easy living without signals in this digital age...


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