Busy Week

Well, here I am again, using my blog as a media to share my life stories. I heard blogs are supposed to be used this way... so I hope you guys won't mind :p

This week is another busy week. My lecture started since the beginning of last week. It's not actually lecture,  but it's more of an extended course. It's called 'Remedial Course' or 'RC' for short. To be simply explained, it's like having a head start. It isn't mandatory... only people who want and some people who didn't pass certain tests come. I didn't pass in the Logic Comprehension Test. Thus, I have to attend the RC about logic and programming algorithms.

Well, the last few days aren't torturing, although very tight. In fact, I had so much fun. I've always wanted to study about C programming language, and I felt like this might be my first step. I actually dream that someday I could be a developer, either for iOS, Android, or even desktop OSes. Learning about flowcharts wasn't as hard as when I did when I was in secondary school, thanks to the lecturer who could make me kind of spirited. I don't mean to boast, but throughout the course, I felt like 'I need to solve this problem at all costs.'. If there's a problem that I can't solve... I'd sure to bombard either the lecturer, his assistants, or my friends with lots of questions until it works. I've finally learned that a piece of happiness can be earned when you see that 'Build Success' on your computer screen (that is, until the program you crafted doesn't work as expected...).
Kind of Confused The First Time I Used This...
In my school, I used Visual C++ 6.0 and that's fairly easy to use, since Lazarus and Gambas has a similar interface (I've learned them before). However today, I tried Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate... and I felt confused. Funny, huh...

The second thing, is that I've been sick right after the 7-day orientation, the next day after I moved out from my boarding house. It was an infection in my colon, perhaps caused by certain food I ate, not sure what that was. My body felt like falling apart... and I went to the doctor. Thank God, I'm almost healthy now :D

The next and final thing, is that I'm working on comparing MacBooks in most Apple Authorized Reseller / Apple Premium Reseller here in Surabaya. Funny enough, they don't seem to have a standard in pricing, and each store offers unique value-added service. For example, a store provides easy service and one-year third-party insurance, while another store offers some free applications. Unfortunately, the prices are still... ridiculous. Maybe that's because not all stored have stocked their inventory with the new MBP. One store says that this week, they'll get their shipment... so I guess, the war really starts this week (no, not the Retina one. Apple still has difficulty in fulfilling demands in the States already; how can they export them here?). Anyway, I can feel it coming closer to me, hehehe...

So, I guess that's all I have to say. If this is boring to you guys, I'm sorry. I just want to write some things off while I still can. Anyway, guys... Thanks for reading and have a good day :)


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